An Essential Guide to BHK: Full Form, Meaning, Types and Importance

October 27, 2023 in Property Guide

An Essential Guide to BHK: Full Form, Meaning, Types and Importance

Have you ever come across the term “BHK” and thought to yourself, what it means? Well, in the real estate industry, the term BHK holds a special place. Whether you are buying a property for the first time or are just an investor, being familiar with the concept of BHK can help to make your investments easy.

BHK stands for bedroom, hall, and kitchen- the three foundation pillars of real estate. The concept of BHK is mostly prominent in residential real estate for it holds the bedroom as an important element. You must know that before you make your investment, you must be familiar with the different concepts that form the crux of the real estate industry.

Do you wish to know what BHK is? In this comprehensive guide, we will dive deeper into its meaning and every other thing you might want to know about it.

What is BHK?

BHK full form is bedroom, hall, and kitchen. When you invest in residential real estate, these are the three things you will always consider. The BHK specifications would simply vary depending on the number of rooms you are looking for.

Your home should be more than your dwelling and resonate with your inner stories and thoughts. This enigmatic acronym holds the three most essential properties of real estate:

  • Bedroom - The perfect space for tranquillity and to break free from stress.
  • Hall - A cool and chill place to relax for a while with your loved ones after a hectic day.
  • Kitchen - Your culinary sanctuary where magic meets heaven.

Types of BHK

There are different types of BHK you can invest in. Well, these are hugely influenced by the number of rooms available in the property. Some of the prominent types of BHK available in the market include:


1 BHK features a single bedroom along with a hall and kitchen. A 1 BHK is suitable for people living alone or with their partners. It is spacious enough to fit your daily needs. An ideal 1 BHK usually sports 400-500 sq ft.


2 BHK features two rooms with a hall and kitchen. The configuration for a 2 BHK where you can comfortably live is 800-950 sq ft. Usually, in 2-BHK, one room is smaller than the other. 2-BHKs are quite popular among families because of the space that it offers.

2.5 BHK

A 2.5 BHK offers everything that a 2 BHK size does. Well, the only difference for a 2.5 BHK is the availability of the 0.5 space. The 0.5 is a very small room which can be used for storage purposes. Apart from that, it may also be used for the kids' study room. It completely depends on how you plan to utilise the space to get the most out of it.


As the number indicates, a 3 BHK means that there are three rooms. In recent times, 3 BHK specifications have become extremely popular among the masses. If you have a bigger family or want more space, you can always invest in a 3 BHK. A 3 BHK is slightly more expensive than the other properties.

Studio Apartment

Many often confuse studio apartments to be the same as 1 BHK. Well, it is not. A studio apartment does not feature a hall. Studio apartments may often be referred to as 1 RK (Room + Kitchen). This is an indication that there is one room and a kitchen. The hall and room are fused into one to provide a bigger space. This helps to avoid the risk of space cramping up. If you're someone who travels frequently, a studio apartment can be a wise decision. Well, this is mostly because 1 RKs is pretty affordable as well.

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Importance of BHK in Real Estate

It is advisable to know the importance of BHK so that you can invest accordingly. In many cases, it is the determining factor for the cost and value of the property. If a particular apartment has more BHKs, it is hailed to be spacious. As a result, the price and value would eventually increase. Even if you're going to rent a property, if it has more BHKs, the rental price would be high.

If you're looking for pocket-friendly options and do not have a bigger family, smaller apartments would work. Various apartments have a mix of different BHKs. This type of combination is installed to ensure that the needs of different types of people are easily met. Before you make any investment in any residential property, you must closely check the BHKs.

But, is BHK the only deciding factor for buying a property? No. There are other factors as well that you may need to consider. This can range from location, amenities and facilities provided by the apartment. If the amenities are luxurious, the price of the property will be high too. Therefore, you must carefully analyse what your needs are and eventually invest in the amenities accordingly.

What Factors to Consider to Invest in BHKs?

Once you have made up your mind to get a residential property, there are certain things you need to carefully analyse.

Some of the major factors to consider before you make the investment are as follows:


The budget should be one of your prime concerns before you invest in any of the properties. The number of rooms available hugely influences the overall price of the property. Therefore, you need to carefully analyse your budget so that you don't put unnecessary stress in the longer run.

A bigger house with more rooms will have a higher price. Even if you're taking a loan, you must carefully plan your budget so that you can pay it off easily.


Our lifestyle often affects how we live. If you are a single person who wants to live comfortably with privacy, 1 BHK would be fine. However, if you're living with friends or family but yet want to safeguard your privacy, you must move to a bigger space like a 2 or 3 BHK. At the same time, if you travel often and do not stay back in your house frequently, you must get a smaller apartment more like an RK.

Family Size

Do you live alone or with your family? If you live with your family, you must consider their needs as well before moving in. People living alone can easily adjust to a single-room apartment. However, if you're living with family you may want to shift to a 2 or 3 BHK house.

Future Plans

While you may be living alone now, you may have plans to have a family later. It is extremely important that you consider your future plans before moving into a property. You must consider your long-term goals before you move into a property.


Whenever we talk about investing in real estate, we discuss how important it is to consider the location. Similarly, the location also would influence the price of the property. In some areas, you may find 2 BHKs at a cheaper rate than 1 BHK. The availability of features around the place usually influences the price of the property. If the property is more towards the city with all facilities easily available, the price will be higher. Similarly, if the property is slightly away from the city, the price eventually reduces.

Market Trends

One of the most interesting factors is that market trends also influence the price of property. If there is a higher demand in the market for a certain BHK, the price will skyrocket for the same. You must carefully analyse the price trend in the property you're purchasing. However, it is advisable to connect with a developer to understand the market demands for the property.

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Your personal commitments and requirements can hugely influence your decision of where you are investing, especially in terms of BHKs. It is important that you carefully analyse all the factors before you make a decision. Reaching out to developers and understanding what they have to offer can make it easier for you to decide what you're looking for.

With so many properties coming up each day, it has become imperative that you carefully analyse what every developer has to offer. Renowned realtors like Adani Realty are coming up with projects of all sizes across all locations. The benefit is that most of these properties are available at pocket-friendly rates with too many amenities such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, gated communities and more.

So, no matter where you're looking for a property, Adani Realty has always a solution to cater to your needs. The spectrum of properties is huge and you will definitely find something that you're looking for with Adani Realty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What Is BHK's meaning?

Ans: BHK stands for Bedroom – Hall – Kitchen. It is a commonly used term when describing the configuration of any home.


What is 1RK?

Ans: 1RK stands for One–Room – Kitchen. There is no separate drawing room or bedroom in 1RK.


What is 1.5 BHK?

Ans: 1.5 BHK stands for 1.5 Bedroom – Hall – Kitchen. The half-smaller room is versatile and can be used as a bedroom, or study.


What does 2 BHK mean?

Ans: 2 BHK stands for 1.5 Bedroom – Hall – Kitchen. This configuration usually comprises two bedrooms, a drawing room, and a kitchen.


What is 2.5 BHK?

Ans: 2.5 BHK stands for 1.5 Bedroom – Hall – Kitchen. This configuration usually comprises two bedrooms, a drawing room and kitchen and a smaller room which can be used at the resident’s convenience.


What does 3 BHK mean?

Ans: 3 BHK stands for 3 Bedroom – Hall – Kitchen. This configuration usually comprises 3 bedrooms, a drawing room, and a kitchen.


What does 4 BHK mean?

Ans: 4 BHK stands for 4 Bedroom – Hall – Kitchen. This configuration usually comprises 4 bedrooms, a drawing room, and a kitchen.

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