De-cluttering - The mantra to an organized life

Apr 26, 2018  |  By SUPER USER

We all struggle with the battle of keeping our homes clutter free. As pleasant as the idea of coming back to a clutter free home seems, it is equally difficult to sift through the clutter that lies in every possible corner of our homes, occupying productive space, and dump it for good.

We Indians are a sentimental lot. And everything we possess has an emotional value attached to it. Whether it is the old pair of jeans that we wore years ago or the little toy that kept us company during days when we barely crawled. We fancy accumulating everything that could keep us close to important memories or moments of our life.

Cleaning up the home is like walking on a thin sheet of ice. It leaves you in a fix about discarding things that might have a high emotional value to us but would be of no use. Annihilating something that was once dear to us is a challenging task.

We are all faced with the challenge of space crunch and it is important to make de-cluttering a practice. Doing away with clutter not only helps clean your homes but also positively impacts the mind. It helps attract more positive energy, helps us move on from our past, improve productivity and keeps us more organized. 

Here are some simple tips to rid your home of the mess that might be bagging unwanted room in your home:

1. Take the 30-day de-clutter challenge:

This challenge is a very simple one. On Day 1, you chuck one item, Day 2 chuck two items, Day 3 chuck three items, so and so forth till Day 30. As you abide by this practice, you will have dumped a stupefying 465 items of your household clutter by Day 30! Take pictures before you begin this practice and continue till the last day. You’ll be amazed with the amount of waste you had been piling up over the years!

2. Target specific areas and take charge:

Divide your house into different areas. Now, target a specific area of the house that requires cleaning. You can choose one area everyday. The goal is to find 10 items from each area to donate, to toss out or to sell off. This will help you keep an account of the clutter in every part of the house.

3. Discard the extra

If you have a product that serves its purpose well, keeping more than one similar items will just add to the clutter. Avoid hoarding similar items that will just sit there and occupy extra space. For instance, if you are living alone, it makes no sense stocking up five hairbrushes or five coffee mugs or multiple toothbrushes. Although the coffee mugs will come handy when you are having guests, it is important to store them in a place that you can access quickly.

4. Do it regularly and diligently

Cleaning is not a one-time process. It requires diligence, consistency and commitment. You need to periodically scan your room. Keep a watch on products, the ones with long shelf lives and the ones that can be discarded. A regular practice will largely help keep the mess at bay and keep your home clean.

5. The Outbox magic

Choose an unused or isolated space in the house. It has to be a place that doesn’t come in the way of your daily activities; a place that you can comfortably allow to get disheveled and grimy. You shouldn’t be apprehensive about filling the outbox. Anything that has been unused for a while should go to the Outbox! Let it stay there for a few days. Once something is out of sight, its absence decides if it is genuinely required or not.

We hope these simple decluttering tips will help you get rid of the superfluous mess that you have stocked up over the years and find it difficult to part ways with. Stay updated for more such tips!

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