Modern Day Gadgets

Use technology to customize your home or workspace

Our lives are virtually run by gadgets, be it for mobility, food, cleaning, storage, security – you name it and there’s a gadget doing it for you.

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Latest appliances for  your kitchen

6 modern day appliances you should have in your kitchen

Whoever said diamonds were a woman’s best friend clearly hadn’t thought about how intriguing technology could be! Gadgets today have become everyone’s ally.

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Union Budget 2017 - Impact on Housing Sector

Housing for All by 2022 : A Dream hurtling towards Reality?

The Union Budget 2017 looks set to have a fairly dramatic impact on the housing sector. Giving a major boost to the ‘Housing For All by 2022’ campaign

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Bedroom Storage Hack

Storage hacks for a small bedroom!

We’re all victims of storage crunch; struggling to stuff our things in every possible corner of the room - trying to wriggle in the last pair of clothes in the wardrobe or shoving the last pair of shoes in the shoe rack.

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Union Budget – 2017: Good News For Real Estate Industry by Adani Realty

Union Budget 2017 brings good news for Realty Sector

The Union Budget – 2017 is out and it has brought more than a sense of relief for the real estate sector.

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How to choose the right property developer

Buying a home is the biggest financial decision of most people’s lives. They put in their life savings into it, or sign away the next 30 years into fulfilling loans.

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Home Security

We are all fiercely protective of our loved ones. Right from our children to our aging parents whose defense mechanisms grow weaker as they age, the security of the ones we love is of prime importance to us.

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Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.
Adani Realty - Real Estate Property Developers

Apart from the exuberant amenities, real estate property developers like Adani Realty ...

The concept of Shantigram
The Concept of Shantigram - Adani Realty

Can a single project change the face of an entire state? With the development of Shantigram ...