Lighting Solutions for your Home

Depending on the construction and direction of your home, your house may be subjected to either too much or too light light.

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How big is your home really?

Buying (or renting) a home can be a confusing time in many people lives; as they hesitatingly navigate a world full of complicated sounding terms and conditions.

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Decluttering is now Child's Play

“Clean up that room quick! How can you be so messy!” is every parent’s war cry, as they wade through mounds of toys, clothes and clutter in their child’s bedroom!

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10 reasons why investing in Gurgaon is a great idea

Gurgaon – now officially known as Gurugram - is a satellite city in the NCR, and one of India’s most lucrative new real estate destinations.

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Indian Realty Developers pursue NRI investors from the UAE

Top real estate developers from across India took part in the ‘Indian Property Show’ in Dubai; which was held for the benefit of NRIs living in the UAE - to convince them to take advantage of the post-demonetisation price drop and new RERA rules

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BKC thrives amidst Demonetization chaos

Having your office at BKC is a great bet for a variety of reasons. For starters, the complex is one of Mumbai’s most structured and highly planned spaces.

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Get Fit At Home!

Don’t renew that expensive gym membership; make this super practical, one time investment instead.

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Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.
Adani Realty - Real Estate Property Developers

Apart from the exuberant amenities, real estate property developers like Adani Realty ...

The concept of Shantigram
The Concept of Shantigram - Adani Realty

Can a single project change the face of an entire state? With the development of Shantigram ...