Market leaning towards ready-for-possession projects

It appears that a bird in hand is worth more than two in the bush as far as the Indian property buyer is concerned.

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Luxury homes: the new best investment

Luxury Lifestyle is becoming the new norm of life. Properties that were considered luxurious a few years ago are considered fairly basic today.

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Luxurious Homes - An insight to modern day architecture

From thatched roofed huts to buildings. From comfortable houses to luxurious homes, modern day architecture has come a long way since its inception...

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Limp realty sales get back on their feet. Sector looks set to rise again.

New laws, stagnant property prices and a recent reduction in interest rates have led to a revived demand for real

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Investments in Gurgaon skyrocketing - much like its cutting edge Infrastructure.

Gurgaon is probably the most lucrative investment opportunity in NCR currently, due to the unique combination of its large ..

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Integrated Townships: The residential format of the future

Indians have been living in close-knit communities since time immemorial. Integrated townships are simply a more specialized, ultramodern ..

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India office demand reached ten quarter high in Q3: CBRE

India continues to be a key outsourcing location among global corporates and this is reflective in the steady growth in demand for prime office space

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Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.
Adani Realty - Real Estate Property Developers

Apart from the exuberant amenities, real estate property developers like Adani Realty ...

The concept of Shantigram
The Concept of Shantigram - Adani Realty

Can a single project change the face of an entire state? With the development of Shantigram ...