5 things to remember before buying a second home!!

Jul 16, 2018  |  By SUPER USER

If you are about to invest in a second home, here are some things you need to know. This article provides you with certain things to consider before you buy a second home.

Investment Orientation

  • Provided that you intend to use your second home for self-use, rental, etc. it is highly recommended for you to buy a second home.
  • If the 2 bhk flats you are about to invest in is to be kept idle, without anyone using it, your investment cannot fetch you returns.
  • Also, most people buy a second home for moving in or for self-purposes. What’s better than living in 2 BHK apartments with a peaceful environment?

Facts to consider

  • Consider the facts that there are many options for profitable investment in the area that you wish to invest in. Keep in mind the return on investment (ROI) factors before taking the decision. Some of the ROI factors are mentioned here:
    a) Demand for the properties based on the rent.
    b) Location and the surroundings of the area.
    c) Amenities and infrastructure.
    d) Public transport system.
    e) Other costs involved.
    These are some basic things you must look into before making your investment.

Research is important

  • It is very important to carry out extensive research in case you plan to invest in a second home. Investment in the meadows, Ahmedabad is sure to fetch you a lump sum after a period of time.
  • When compared to your first home which you use for self-purpose assumingly, the other one must be considered as a proper investment and must be strategically and technically analysed for the return on investment. If you are looking for a second home investment option in Ahmedabad, Adani meadows by Adani Realty Group would be a highly recommended choice.
  • Your second home need not be a building located in the centre of a city, located near your office or business place with major technological developments in the vicinity. A cottage or a building surrounded by a garden, far from the city, in a peaceful environment, makes for a perfect second home.
  • But, this is applicable only when you are planning to use your second home for self-use purpose. Although, the fact is that better capital returns and profit out of the investment must be considered based on the location. Adani Aangan provides you with the best marketable opportunities for your investment in a second home.

Adani serves the purpose of providing you with investment avenues with projects like Shantigram Meadows. So, make the right choice and live a peaceful life!

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