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Concept and Design

Progressing towards a more intelligent living

Every project that Adani Realty undertakes is thoroughly inspected in terms of durability, optimisation of operational and maintenance costs, site potential, utilisation of spaces, etc. We also ensure safety and economic aspects are in accordance with customer needs. These extend to further two vital points– hygiene and sustainability. Given the current consumer needs, we implement optimum use of natural elements for energy saving, water conservation and construction materials. Given the technological advancements, we are augmenting our scope for design so that our audience has to select only from the best-in-class services. This also brought a paradigm shift towards the digital space where we are able to connect with a wider audience to learn of newer customer needs and utilise cloud-based document storage for ease of access. ... Read More

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Synergising to scale newer heights.

Every new project aims to tackle enormous challenges like smart budget management, shorter project cycles, increased scope of work and productivity. Working with the right people helps us in every phase of the construction process. Whether it’s choosing the foremost combination material that balances cost, understanding the pros and cons of the building materials, structural integrity, durability, environmental impact or topographical conditions, every engineer/supervisor and worker is devoted to assist in the successful establishment of the project. We ensure every material testing and execution is passed through three stringent levels of quality check that are guaranteed by a tripartite committee consisting of Vendors/suppliers/construction partners, site execution team and QC team. ... Read More

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Establishing trust at every step

Our aim is not just to radically transform the real estate industry with ultra-modern structures but to emerge among the most trustworthy green realtors of tomorrow. We always adhere to the ‘Safety first’ norm as a group. At every step, we ensure all kinds of preventive measures are granted to engineers, on-site staff and especially the hired hands who are working together towards a single ambition. We are assiduous in resource management, careful in safeguarding the environment of the development site and the surrounding area, and avoiding practices deemed unhealthy. All necessary government compliances are obtained timely during a development project. But our job isn’t over after the completion of the building; we also perform regular maintenance checks to keep the building in a perfectly functional condition. Lastly, following our guiding principle of ‘Nation Building’, we take the onus to educate/guide our customers by sharing salient information about the project, fire-safety drills, road safety measures, etc. To encapsulate those described above, we corroborate trust at every level in the organisational process. We earnestly believe that confidence in our workforce leads to better actions.... Read More

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Being responsible stakeholders in sustainable housing

While sustainability is always an initiative that demands unhinged struggle, Adani Realty puts its best foot forward to meet the current needs without compromising the future. Our obligation towards the three pillars of sustainability– Environmental, Social and Governance (the ESG model) has always been steadfast and at par with times, significantly since 2020, when the pandemic altered the dynamics of climate change and real estate. Despite the robust approach, we keep updating our policies, including limiting the use of technology that leads to heightened Greenhouse Gases, more dependency on renewable sources for energy, allegiance towards meeting zero-carbon footprints in the near future and creating environment-friendly workspaces for employees, to name a few. We believe in providing real estate solutions for tomorrow. ... Read More

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Making your #AddressOfGoodness a reality!

Responsible Housing, Impeccable concept & design, Cutting-edge Technology, and Sound Investment.

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Adani Realty: Where Dreams are Built

Adani Realty is the real estate arm of one of India’s leading infrastructure and development entities – Adani Group. With resolute commitment to ‘Nation Building’ and ‘Growth with Goodness’, we are developing real estate projects in the most promising destinations, integrating design aesthetics with cutting-edge construction technology. We have developed close to 22.5 Mn. Sq. Ft. and approximately 35.1 Mn. Sq. Ft. of real estate space is under development, including residential, commercial, and social club projects across Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Gurugram.

Within a decade, Adani Realty has achieved exponential growth in the residential and commercial sectors. We have helped numerous families find their dream houses where they are happily residing. We have also created state-of-the-art commercial spaces with futuristic setups for companies to work, feel empowered, and flourish. We have some of the most sought-after award-winning commercial and retail spaces which promise craftsmanship and superior design by Adani Realty.

This also extends to our social clubs– The Belvedere Golf and Country Club, Ahmedabad and Belvedere Club, Gurugram, which offer their members an array of exclusive amenities. The Belvedere Golf and Country Club, Ahmedabad is known for its Golf Club, fine dining restaurants and luxurious rooms for a perfect staycation.

Our endeavour has always been to build projects that are synonymous with global real estate standards. Adani Realty continues to develop projects that never compromise on quality and craftsmanship; we contribute dedicatedly to India’s expeditious real estate sector with our premium services.

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