Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai to be among the world’s 30 megacities by 2030

February 25, 2018 in Property GuideKnowledge Base

Artistic ImpressionAhmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai to be among the world’s 30 megacities by 2030

By 2030, 60% the world's population will be urban; living in cities, big or small. Most of this urban growth is happening in Asia and Africa; and by 2030, 33 of 41 mega cities will probably be from the developing nations of this region.

These facts have been revealed in the 2016 World Cities Report issued by the UN's Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

The report has focused on the concept of the "urban agglomeration" - which refers to contiguous or built-up urban areas. For example, the satellite cities of Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad and Gurgaon fall under the Delhi urban agglomeration. Thane and Navi Mumbai fall under the Mumbai urban agglomeration. Such inclusion makes sense as people in these contiguous areas are economically and socially integrated with the main city.

Around the world, about 500 million people live in 31 such mega cities. That's about 6.8% of the world's population. The report calculates that by 2030, the number of mega cities will increase to 41 and their population will account for about 8.7% of the world's population.


Other Indian cities figuring in the present year’s mega city list are Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Chennai. However, by 2030, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad will also join them.

The UN report shows that it is a minority of urban dwellers that live in the mega cities. Nearly 21% of the world's population stays in smaller cities with populations between 500,000 and10 million, and an even bigger share (26.8%) resides in smaller cities and towns with populations of less than 500,000.

Mega cities are characterized by massive populations including huge floating populations of migrant laborers, who flock in droves to make use of the vast employment opportunities that these cities offer. Their teeming populations puts megacities on top of every government's development agenda, and thus they are the ones that end up growing the fastest in every respect.

Adani Realty has Residential as well as Commercial projects in Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad; two of the former which are already megacities, and the last which is due to become one in the next 14 years.

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