Be Fit, Shantigram!

Dec 30, 2021  |  By Adani Realty

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” – Joseph Addison

There’s no better way to chase the winter blues away than being in the outdoors and getting some much-needed Vitamin D. Add to that your favourite form of fitness activity, and you have the perfect recipe for health and happiness.

Shantigram, an integrated township by Adani Realty in the heart of Ahmedabad, is a perfect mix of residential, Social club and commercial spaces. Its open green space with an atrial road enables you to explore the area by walking, running or even cycling, thus promoting a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, Shantigram, one of the largest townships of Gujarat, also has a football field and cricket ground to help you up your fitness game.

Staying fit is a great goal to have, and we all could take a different route to achieve it. It could be a long walk or run for some, while it could mean a yoga or swimming session in the morning for others. No matter which activity you choose, we encourage everyone at Shantigram, whether you live or work here, to embrace the great outdoors and make fitness a part of your everyday life.

To that end, we invite you to share your fitness goals and stories with us by participating in our virtual contest – Be Fit, Shantigram! The guidelines are simple, and listed below:

    • You can participate on your own, with a partner or as a group
    • Submit your entry in video format, covering the below points:

        • What does fitness mean to you?
        • How much time do you dedicate per day to your physical health?
        • How have Shantigram’s surroundings helped you towards achieving your fitness goals?

    • Attach your pictures at the end of the video; the picture should be inside Shantigram premises
    • Accepted video duration is between 45 and 100 seconds
    • Entries are open for all activities and thoughts that symbolise and encompass human health – physical and mental

    Rules for the Be Fit, Shantigram! contest are as below:

   • Entries only to be in video format
   • The entry video must consist of the participant(s) undertaking a fitness activity in one of the locations inside Shantigram
   • The video should include the participant(s) explaining the above points about their fitness goals and regime

Entries are open from 22nd to 30th December 2021.
Winners will be announced on 1st January 2022.

Submit your entries at:

So, head out, work out and start recording!

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