RERA Gujarat (GUJRERA) - All You Need to Know About RERA Gujarat Before Buying a House in 2024!

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Artistic ImpressionRERA Gujarat (GUJRERA) - All You Need to Know About RERA Gujarat Before Buying a House in 2024!

Has buying a new home been the most cherished dream of your life? The answer from most of you is likely to be a yes. In 2017, Gujarat’s state government published the overarching rules for the Gujarat Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, putting the Gujarat RERA (GUJRERA) into effect ever since. RERA Gujarat supervises the real estate sector in Gujarat and protects the rights of home buyers.

What is RERA Gujarat?

The Gujarat Regulation and Development Act, or GujRERA, is recognised for effectively controlling the state's real estate market. RERA protects both homeowners' and developers' rights through governmental rules created and implemented in the RERA Act. The online portal provides solutions for registration and project/agent compliance,

Purchasing a RERA-approved home means you are choosing a vetted property. Hence, customers looking to buy a home in Gujarat must ensure the RERA Act Gujarat approves it

This Act also requires all residential and commercial real estate developers to register.

RERA has been translated into nearly all Indian languages, so you can easily find RERA Gujarat Rules in Gujarati.

How to Check Project Details in RERA

To check the project details in RERA, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • For checking RERA project details, search for the builder, project, or agent you are looking for on the Gujarat RERA website.
  • You can use GujRERA's 'Advanced Search' option for RERA project status if you know the exact details, such as the address, district and sub-district, project area, project type, and project specification

How to Check Status of RERA-registered Projects?

Before purchasing a property, a new home buyer should check the status of RERA-registered projects. When buying a home, this assures accountability and transparency.

Here is how you can check the status of RERA-registered projects:

  • Go to the RERA Gujarat website -
  • Go to the 'REGISTRATION' tab on GujRERA's home page.
  • When you select 'PROJECTS,' the search returns a table containing information on projects that have been registered under RERA Gujarat. It includes RERA Ahmedabad and RERA Vadodara.
  • Choose from residential, commercial, mixed-use, or planned developments by clicking on any.

How to Check the RERA Registration Number of a Builder

It's essential to understand what the RERA Act entails. RERA establishes separate laws and regulators for India's state and union territories. RERA defines specific rules that every builder must follow to increase transparency in the real estate business. After the project has been registered with the Regulatory Authority, a new project’s promoter can market it for sale.

Gujarat RERA: List of Approved Projects

The list of authorised projects and agents has been posted on Gujarat's real estate regulatory authority's website, from where you can do a RERA approval check before purchasing a home. Before making a buying decision, you should review the approved list of projects. Experts will urge you to buy real estate projects only from licensed developers to avoid future problems.

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RERA-registered projects

Many purchasers are still unaware that it is now essential to examine whether or not the project they are purchasing is registered with their state's Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). Many of them aren't even aware of how to check it on RERA's website.

It is simple to check a developer's registration on a state's RERA website. Moreover, before purchasing any property, you can verify the project’s progress on the RERA website. Also, double-check that the project's specifications are present in the property you're considering purchasing.

On the RERA website, you must review the facts regarding the project you are interested in. RERA's website validates whether a project has been registered and displays its specifications. The website also provides information on numerous active initiatives in your area.

Reasons to buy GujRERA-approved projects.

Going for a RERA-approved project helps you avoid any difficulties you may face while buying a property in Gujarat. GujRERA carries out thorough checks on every builder in Gujarat so that you can be relieved from the stress related to the project after investing in it.

Adani Realty offers some of the best real estate projects in Ahmedabad. So, the best thing investors can do is invest in a RERA-approved Adani Realty project in Ahmedabad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is Gujarat Real Estate Regulatory Authority (GUJRERA)?

Ans: The body governing Gujarat's real estate sector is Gujarat Real Estate Regulatory Authority or GujRERA. This government regulatory authority ensures transparent and secure real estate investment for buyers. Every state has their specific RERA body. All real estate developers are advised to register their projects on RERA to ensure goodwill in the market.

Q2. What is the role of GUJRERA in the Gujarat real estate industry?

Ans: GUJRERA brings together all the stakeholders on one platform to promote efficiency in the otherwise unorganised real estate industry. It also ensures transparency and safeguards the whole property-buying business.

Q3. Is it mandatory for real estate developers to register with GUJRERA?

Ans: Yes, it is mandatory for all housing and commercial real estate developers in Gujarat to register on, without which they cannot advertise, book or sell any real estate.

Q4. What are the benefits of buying a property from a GUJRERA-registered developer?

Ans: GujRERA brings about standardisation in real estate transactions improving transparency for buyers and enabling them to make hassle-free and genuine real estate investments. The Government of India passed the RERA Act in 2016, making registration compulsory for real estate developers and agents. Every state and union territory has their regulatory board.

Q5. How can a buyer check if a project is registered with GUJRERA?

Ans: Just visit the website and add details of the builder, project, or agent you are looking for in the 'Search' tab on top. The website offers all the relevant info in great detail, like past projects and experience of the developers, FSI details, development work, any litigation details, and more.

Q6. How has GUJRERA impacted the real estate industry in Gujarat?

Ans: The RERA Act of 2016, or GujRERA, has established a favourable setting for real estate investments for buyers. It has ensured investors an enhanced real estate buying experience because of transparency, security and much-needed standardisation.

Q7. What are the key features of the GUJRERA Act that buyers should be aware of?

Ans: Some of the salient features of the RERA Act:

  • The builders are supposed to submit all the relevant documents for their projects.
  • All the properties are to be sold basis the carpet area and not the super built-up area.
  • If the project is delayed for any reason, the buyer can ask for their money back, or they can choose to invest the same.
  • To ensure optimum quality of construction, the builder must rectify any issue the buyer faces within 5 years of purchase.
  • The builder cannot advertise, sell, buy, or book any property without registering with RERA.

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