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Apr 30, 2018  |  By SUPER USER

Long hours at work, terrifying traffic snarls and an endlessly growing to-do list, are enough to send the best of us diving under the covers with frustration and exhaustion. Especially in cities like Bombay and Delhi where the pace of life is really hectic, a regular workout often slips to the last spot on ones to-do list. But worry not, a well-designed home gym can be just the motivation you need, to exercise everyday no matter what your schedule, and be able to stay fit and healthy.

While setting up a home gym, it is important to choose a space that is bright, safe, motivating, and customizable as per need.

You can create your own little home gym in either a spare bedroom, a large-ish balcony, or even in one corner of a large living room. A tiny but effective personal gym at home will need a minimum of 300 sq.ft. of space. For the flooring in the gym area, avoid materials that are slippery or prone to scratches. Ensure that your home gym is extremely well lit. If you need artificial lights, opt for LEDs, as these produce less heat than fluorescent bulbs. Ensure that the area is well ventilated and has windows and fans. You may want to consider installing an air-conditioner in that room. Mirrors are an essential part of any gym, as it makes it easier to observe what one is doing. You can also opt for a media/entertainment unit to make your workouts more fun.

Equipment for your home gym, should be chosen on the basis of your fitness targets, interests and budget. Don’t crowd the gym with all sorts of random equipment. Buy according to a specific plan. For most people, a treadmill, bicycle and/or elliptical are basics. As for the rest, only buy equipment that you enjoy and will use on a regular basis.

You can also jazz up your home gym by putting up motivational posters etc. While designing the space, ensure that you maintain as much clear floor space as possible and have adequate padding on the floors to minimize injuries.

If you are installing a heavy punching bag or pole, ensure that your ceiling is sturdy enough to withstand the weight and vibrations.

By following basic safety precautions and design principles, you can create a workout space right at home, that will give you a great workout everyday, at no recurring cost!

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