Choose the Right Home Security System for Your Property

September 18, 2023 in Knowledge Base

Artistic ImpressionChoose the Right Home Security System for Your Property

We are all fiercely protective of our loved ones. Right from our children to our aging parents whose defense mechanisms grow weaker as they age, the security of the ones we love is of prime importance to us. Because staying home 24x7 isn’t feasible, technology has made it possible to keep a check on the safety of our family, property and valuables.

Here is a list of the most commonly available security options in the market:

CCTV Surveillance


CCTV’ stands for ‘Closed Circuit Television’. It is the use of mounted cameras to transmit video signals to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. The data can be viewed in real time on your television or smartphone. It can also be saved to a hard disk for later viewing and archiving. CCTVs come in Indoor (Dome) as well as Outdoor (bullet) variants and with Day/ Night options. They also come in various sizes and colours so that they can be camouflaged easily. CCTVs are a great bet if you want to monitor what is going on in your absence or if you have a doubt that someone might be lurking around your property or valuables. CCTV footage is admissible as evidence in court.

Motion detectors


As their name suggests, motion detectors are movement sensitive detectors that can be used to detect any kind of physical movement in a specified area. As soon as they detect movement, they usually trigger an alarm and send an SMS to your number.

Biometric locks

: They might be expensive, but you can be sure that no one, other than the people whose fingerprints or retinas are scanned and recorded, can access a space that has a biometric lock. They are electronic and cannot be picked, and at times of power outage they remain in the locked position, so you need to keep a backup key with you. A great option is you have higher security requirements like a room containing valuables or important documents.

Burglar and fire alarms

: Burglar and fire Alarms are remotely controlled and can be activated or deactivated, through a phone call or SMS. The advanced kits can get extremely expensive, but you can also opt for traditional, inexpensive wireless burglar alarm on your doors and windows. Burglar and fire Alarms usually activate a loud siren when security is breached, whilst simultaneously sending panic SMS’s to you, your neighbours, police, or anyone else whose number you specify. A great option if you are going on leave or on work trips for extended periods of time.

Doorstop alarm: 

An extremely basic and simple system that prevents your door from opening and emits a loud alarm when anyone tries to enter your house. Doorstop alarms are great if you are worried about leaving your children or elderly parents alone at home.

Anti-theft padlock: 

As the name suggests, anti-theft padlocks are usually used on gates or main doors. They raise an alarm if someone tries to tamper with them.

Video Door Phones: 

Video Door Phones or Video Intercoms are found in many fancy buildings nowadays. The system consists of a viewing monitor inside the door and a camera outside that records a short video clip/live recording of anyone standing outside your door.  The advanced models use WIFI and allow you to speak to your visitor, even when you are not at home. These are great for basichome security especially when you have women, children or elderly people staying alone at home. Video Intercom footage is also admissible as evidence in court.

Though we all are haunted by the thought of leaving our valuables or the vulnerable members of our family behind when we step out of our homes, the use of technologically advanced security devices can be of great help, to warn off imposters and alert you about security breaches in real time.

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