How to adorn your home on a budget - Part 2

Mar 09, 2018  |  By SUPER USER

Did you know you can always embellish your home with splendid decors and colourful themes? Distinctive shades and artistic textures add on to the perfection to your home, suiting to the needs of your personality without having to spend too much!

Brace yourself with a beautiful ambience, fresh look and a home to admire. Follow these tips to adorn your home:

1. Add a fresh coat of paint

If you don’t have time to redo your home entirely, you could simply add a fresh coat of paint to your walls. It’ll help liven up the exhausted walls, giving your home a fresh new look. If your budget doesn’t permit a paint job for the entire house, you could consider painting a single wall with a different shade. Here again, you can choose to liven up your walls choosing a specific theme or simply giving it a pleasant texture.

2. Show off your little library

If you are living in a home that has abundant space for an entire shelf to show off your book collection, go ahead, and put up those books on display! If you own a penthouse, a villa, or a lavish home that has enough space, you can opt to brandish your books collection and your love for exquisite vintage antiquity in front of your guests. A dim yellow light that settles at the top of your bookshelf to provide just enough light to illuminate your collection will do its work!

3. Opt for bolder colour combinations

Break away from the notion of having white and gray dingy walls for your homes. Choose bold colours and patterns. If you are held back by space constraint, you can smartly choose bold colour and pattern combinations to give the illusion of a bigger room. For smaller rooms like the kitchen, you could try painting the walls and ceilings with the same colour so that your eye won’t stop at the ceiling line.

It doesn’t take much to primp up your home. All you need is a little trial and error that would help you find out what suits your home the best and choose the perfect decor ideas for your apartment. Moreover, there’s always room for some great experiments to jazz up your home and share those ideas with us too!

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