Integrated Townships: The residential format of the future

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Artistic ImpressionIntegrated Townships: The residential format of the future

Indians have been living in close-knit communities since time immemorial. Integrated townships are simply a more specialized, ultramodern and sophisticated real estate model of the same.

What are Integrated Townships?

Integrated Townships are mammoth real estate projects that have both residential and commercial complexes, and all associated infrastructure like roads, schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping centers, water treatment plants, drainage and sewage facilities, places of worship etc, that come together to form a miniature urban ecosystem.

Integrated Township vs. City living

With urban areas getting increasingly overcrowded and falling frighteningly short on space for further residential and commercial development, integrated townships have been singled out as the ideal solution. Integrated townships are large and roomy and lay emphasis on creating the ultimate living ecosystem for their residents and workers.

So many advantages!

There are many reasons why Integrated Townships are fast becoming known as the optimal new age residential format. From the warmth and security of living in a vibrant community, to the sheer convenience of having everything close at hand, homebuyers in India are fast realizing that Township Living is the best way forward.

Mammoth Housing Projects

Different states have different policies for integrated townships. However, the norm for minimum land requirement for these projects is about 100 acres. State governments are actively encouraging integrated townships as they provide holistic living environments, provide jobs to thousands of workers and of course, result in structured and optimum land usage.

With everything from Affordable Apartments to Super luxury homes, Penthouses, Villas and Row Houses on offer, integrated townships have become a lot more accessible to people of all income groups. Different projects have different USP's. Some offer more amenities, some a higher density of every conveniences, some have integrated business cities, while some are distinguishable by what stunning places they are to raise your children. Apart from providing for some of the best in state amenities, some of these townships also include senior citizen housing projects as a part of their townships. One such example is Adani Shantigram - a residential township in Ahmedabad, which also has senior citizen homes as a part of its township.

Everything you need, a stone’s throw away!

Many of these projects span hundreds of acres, and have the capacity to house upwards of 8000 families.They have office, retail and residential space and serene environments replete with lakes, parks, and every single amenity one could possible desire, within the township itself. For example, Adani Shantigram – a residential township in Ahmedabad – is one of the best integrated townships in India. It has dozens of lifestyle draws such as multiple gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, cricket and football grounds, parks, landscaped gardens, a lake, multiple water bodies, a light and music fountain, a primary school, a business district, a shopping centre, a 9 hole Golf Course and Country Club, and of course club houses that feature dozens of indoor amenities.

Great places to raise children

Indeed, it is hard to counter the fact that integrated townships are fabulous places to raise kids, what with their playgrounds, swimming pools, day care centers, parks and many more facilities that keep your children entertained and stimulated everyday, and give them a clean and green living environment where they can run around freely and live their childhoods the way they ought to be lived.

Bang for the buck: The superlative cost-effectiveness of Integrated Townships

Cost-effectiveness is a prime reason why buyers are drawn to these townships. Being located on the outskirts of cities, these properties are much cheaper than anything similar inside the city.

All the benefits of good old-fashioned community living - with a ‘quality’ twist

Integrated Townships are self-sufficient microcosms. In a world where each family member is pulled in a different direction for work, and when spending quality time with family and friends has become a luxury, integrated townships offer a brilliant platform wherein all possible social interaction stages are available within a few hundred meters of one another and no matter how busy people are, there is always time for a quick walk down to the community centre for a coffee, a game of table tennis or a spot of retail therapy.

Some of the best Integrated Townships in India are: Shantigram by Adani Realty | Ahmedabad, Ozone Urbana | Bangalore, Magarpatta City | Pune, Mahindra World City | Chennai and Omaxe City | Indore.

Residential Projects in Ahmedabad


Amogha | Aster | The North Park | Water Lily

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