Investments in Gurgaon skyrocketing - much like its cutting edge Infrastructure.

Mar 14, 2018  |  By SUPER USER

Gurgaon is probably the most lucrative investment opportunity in NCR currently, due to the unique combination of its large, undeveloped land parcels and the fact that it is a burgeoning, cosmopolitan, commercial hub. It has become such a hot property that investors have been literally flocking to fund and buy projects there. In fact, investments in the area clocked a whopping $1 billion this year, which is a straight up doubling of the $500 million in investments in 2015. Land accounted for 42.55% of the total investment pie, followed by residential assets at 42.1%. Rented office properties brought in the smallest portion of the pie, registering only 15.3% of the total investment.

Thanks to its cosmopolitan status and swanky development, Gurgaon also gets a lot of interest from International Investors and Corporates.

Some of the largest transactions in Gurgaon include M3M acquiring 180 acres from Sahara Group for $180 million for a residential project, and RMZ/QIA purchasing a 730,000 sq. ft. IT Park from BPTP for $180million. And Tata Realty and Infra acquired a 25-acre IT SEZ land parcel from M3M for $60million.

The entry of MNC offices has given a boost to the demand of residences in Gurgaon, which in turn has led to a spurt in the number of market players. More people are looking to move to this emerging hub, than ever before. From middle class families to the upper crust of the society, a lot of families are looking at making this new age city their home; resulting in the development of residential projects aimed at various price points. With projects like the luxurious 'Oyster Grande', and affordable housing complex 'Aangan', industry giant Adani Realty has tried to target every price point.

All in all, Gurgaon is set to become the next best option for property developers to place their bets on. The city is growing by leaps and bounds, with tremendous growth in both residential and commercial sectors.

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