NRI Real Estate Investment in India - Things to Consider

Aug 10, 2018  |  By SUPER USER

India is a hub of investments and nothing in the world could easily be compared with the variety of investment avenues in India. ‘Intimidating’ would be the perfect word that could be used to describe India’s real estate investment options. An NRI investment in India would be most welcomed, for the economic growth of India. But, before you invest as an NRI in real estate, in India, here are some points that you must remember. Let's begin!

Indulge in Tax Benefits

  • Any investment done for a longer period would get you more tax benefits, than what you expect. So, if you wish to attain tax benefits, keep in mind that your investment must be of a minimum tenure of 3 years. With the income tax rules, your purchase and selling of property as an investment, within 3 years, would be considered a short investment and would be accustomed to taxes.
  • When you buy a property in India, property tax must be paid, which also includes stamp duty and registration fees. So, carefully check the costs you would incur when you invest in a property in India.

Don't hesitate to hire an accounting professional

  • Rent earned in India, for the property let out in India, is subject to tax payment.
  • With loads of paperwork and accounting processes involved, you could hire accounting personnel.
  • This reduces the burden, and you could primarily focus on your investment.

Treat it like an Adventure and keep exploring!

  • Explore the place before investing in it. For example, if you are about to make an NRI investment in Ahmedabad, it is highly recommended that you explore the different elements in the city, which are present and yet to come in the future.
  • Be thorough with your research to get the best property as per your requirement.
  • The apartments in Ahmedabad make it an investor-friendly city.
  • The firm or organization which you fix upon, for making your investment, must be reliable and should have credentials. This is vital, as there are widespread scams and frauds that take place. The developer and the details about the project must be analysed before deciding to invest.
  • Adani Realty is a real estate developer in Ahmedabad, which provides you with the best investment avenues, solutions for your property investment, and value for your investment.
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