Top 7 Most Posh Areas in Ahmedabad (Best Richest Residential Areas to live in Ahmedabad)

June 03, 2024 in Property Guide

Top 7 Most Posh Areas in Ahmedabad (Best Richest Residential Areas to live in Ahmedabad)

The real estate market of Ahmedabad is constantly flourishing and transforming. It is sure to revolutionise the Indian real estate market. Well, there is no denying that there are various properties in Ahmedabad, and more are coming.

The residential Ahmedabad real estate also keeps changing. This influences how the market is shaped. The residential properties in the posh areas of Ahmedabad are well-connected to corporate hubs, IT centres and more. Furthermore, the high-end localities of Ahmedabad have become a very popular destination for people looking for residential properties across the state.

While maintaining the combination of old city charm and modern destination, Ahmedabad has something beautiful to offer. There are high-rise buildings, complexes, societies, and villas in Ahmedabad that you can enjoy. In this article, we will explore some of the best prime residential areas of Ahmedabad.

Most Posh Areas in Ahmedabad

If you're moving to Ahmedabad and looking for luxury and comfort, you must consider choosing the posh residential areas. These posh living areas play an important role in enhancing the quality of life. However, these areas are slightly on the expensive side. But, if you plan to invest in posh areas in Ahmedabad rather than staying, the return on investment will be significantly higher.

Some of the posh areas of Ahmedabad where you can invest are as follows:

SG Highway

One of the most bustling posh areas in Ahmedabad has to be the SG Highway. It wouldn't be wrong to say that the place is synonymous with luxury and comfort. By establishing a strong connection between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad, the SG Highway offers significant growth. Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad are two of the most promising locations in Gujarat.

The SG Highway is close to posh neighbourhoods like Chandkheda, Prahlad Nagar and Bokadev. All these areas are flourishing as well. Moreover, they are well connected to major upcoming areas like Bopal, Gurukul and Satellite. The SG Highway has a wide range of facilities like retail outlets, healthcare, and top educational institutions.

Whether you're looking for high-rise apartments or villas, you can find it all in Adani Realty’s Shantigram township.


If you're seeking peace and comfort, Thaltej can be the perfect place to live in Ahmedabad. When you're in Thaltej, you'd feel like you're away from the city. A small, secluded area, Thaltej is one of the most posh living areas in Ahmedabad.

But, isn't Thaltej a little away from the city? It surely is but it also has good connectivity. Not only is it closely connected to SG Highway but also to SP Ring Road. Now that many people are seeking peace and tranquillity, to cater to their demands, various real estate properties are coming up at this location as well.

Whether you're in search of bungalows, villas or high-end apartments, you can find it in Thaltej. Since it is slightly away from the city, the price of the properties will be slightly lower as well.

There are various top hospitals and schools around Thaltej. Now that your basic necessities are being catered to, you can easily move to Thaltej and enjoy a comfortable life.

Science City Road

Doesn't the name sound a little fascinating? Well, the place is equally fascinating. Out of all the high-end localities in Ahmedabad, Science City Road has to be the most affordable one. The Science City Road stretch is quite popular with many dwellings and projects coming up in the area.

Science City Road is pretty accessible and well-connected to other posh areas of Ahmedabad. It has something exclusive to offer.

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With so many properties available around this area, you can easily find something that fits your budget. Well, the facilities nearby like healthcare, business parks and schools make it more popular. When you're living around Science City Road, you can easily enjoy all the luxuries.


If you're in search of a posh area in Ahmedabad that is still in the development phase, Ambli should be one of your top residential choices. With so many properties coming up, you can always find some property that fits your budget. Whether you're planning to stay or invest, properties around Ambli can be a great choice. Ambli is connected to SP Ring Road which ensures smooth connectivity.

Apart from high-end apartments, you can also find luxurious villas in Ambli. Several residential properties are in the development stage in Ambli. Moreover, all these residential projects are located near facilities like hospitals, schools, shopping malls and more. Therefore, if you're looking for a blend of luxury and comfort, Ambli should be on your list.

Prahlad Nagar

If you're looking for a blend of residential and commercial high-value real estate, you can find the same in Prahlad Nagar. In the past few years, Prahlad Nagar has become one of the most prominent commercial hubs.

Prahlad Nagar is well connected to the city via roads and railways. The Blue Line metro is still under construction in Prahlad Nagar. It has become one of the most prominent locations for residential properties among professionals and corporates. There are various schools, hospitals and entertainment centres available in Prahlad Nagar.

Sindhu Bhavan Road

One of the most expensive localities of West Ahmedabad is Sindhu Bhavan Road. There are various residential properties across Sindhu Bhavan Road, especially in the form of villas, flats and plots. As one of the most prime residential areas, Sindhu Bhavan Road is well connected via roads.

The Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service connects Sindhu Bhavan Road well to the city. Furthermore, it is close to the airport. Apart from this, there are various schools, hospitals, and entertainment facilities available in this location as well.


Another very popular destination for staying in Ahmedabad is Chandkheda. Located in Northwest Ahmedabad, the area has various residential and commercial properties. It is located close to the Sabarmati River and is well-connected.

Chandkheda is one of the most prominent places for families to live. With easy access to hospitals and schools, living in Chandkheda would be pretty comfortable. The locality is well-connected to the railway station and airport. Chandkheda also has its own railway station, the Chandkheda Railway Station.

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The posh areas of Ahmedabad are not only luxurious but also affordable. Being a beautiful city, Ahmedabad provides comfort and amenities for luxury living. There are various new projects coming up in the city which is why most people are moving to Ahmedabad. Well, let's not forget about the delicious food that you can enjoy here too!

You can find a wide range of upcoming projects in Ahmedabad where you can invest. If you're planning to get some return on investment for your property, these posh areas would be great.

Adani Realty's Shantigram on SG Highway is one of the most prominent townships offering a range of residential and commercial properties in Ahmedabad. From 2 BHK smart homes to 4 BHK #Uberments, you can find different properties that fit your requirements. If you get the chance, do check out the township and make a choice depending on what suits you best.

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