Pune – Much more than a Pensioner’s Paradise

Dec 01, 2018  |  By SUPER USER

Pune, a city so pompous yet serene, will surely make you fall in love with itself. Be it the traditions, the whereabouts and locale, food, historical monuments, people and even the lifestyle, it is certainly a prime facet for Maharashtra. Authentically the cultural capital of the state, you will witness the rich Maharashtrian culture in full glory with a historical legacy of stalwarts like Shivaji Maharaj in its ranks.


Mumbai is known as the city of dreams but Pune, with its nonchalant attitude, has the distinction of being a pensioner’s paradise. It is because every Maharashtrian identifies with Pune as the ideal place where he or she can trace their roots to. It’s a realm where you can still enjoy the vibrant Marathi literature and culture with festivals like the Sawai Gandharva Music Festival, and the Shaniwarwada Dance Festival which is celebrated every year with full pomp and splendour.


Pune is gradually shifting from being a pensioner’s paradise to becoming a more cosmopolitan city as more people are shifting their base here. In a way, Pune presents a perfect balance between the true Maharashtrian culture and modern life because of its proximity to Mumbai, premier educational institutions and upcoming development. With more people belonging to different faiths making Pune their home, you have a sprinkling of festivals like Eid, Christmas to go along with the traditional Ganesh Chathurthi. The beauty of Pune lies in the fact that people from all occupations and religious faith come together to celebrate each other’s festivals with fervour.


On the culinary front, Pune has always served traditional lip-smacking Maharashtrian treats such as the Misal Pav, Vada Pav, and more. The Pune Chivda is famous all over India for its unique taste. The Thalipeeth is another typical Maharashtrian recipe that people love to have. Today, you have Pune offering a perfect blend of the various recipes from around the country, along with an array of international cuisines. These factors make Pune a cosmopolitan city with traditional roots.


Earlier, Pune had the image of being a city with a laid-back attitude. Hence, it was referred to as ‘The Pensioner’s Paradise.’ Today, the scene has changed dramatically, with numerous real estate developers such as Adani Realty working hard to transform Pune into a vibrant cosmopolitan society. You can witness a spate of residential projects in Pune with each one of them offering the best of amenities. The new projects in Pune have utilities that are generally offered in the top cities in India such as Mumbai and Bengaluru. At the same time, the cost of a 2 BHK flat in Pune is well within the reach of the literate and the working population. Therefore, if you are looking for luxury at affordable prices, Pune should rank first among your preferred destination.


Thus, we can say that Pune is much more than just a Pensioner’s Paradise. The city offers you a double advantage whereby you can imbibe the beat or traditional Maharashtrian culture and enjoy the benefits of luxurious living together.        

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