Pune Ring Road - Route, Map, Status & Latest Updates

June 03, 2024 in Property Guide

Pune Ring Road - Route, Map, Status & Latest Updates

The Pune Ring Road is one of the most ambitious projects in India. In the past few years, Pune has seen a massive boom especially due to the coming in of IT sectors. The Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) is working on developing the ring road.

The circular stretch of the Pune Ring Road will be divided into four phases with an estimated price of Rs 17,000 crore. The Central Government would contribute around 3/4th to the overall development whereas the remaining cost will be borne by PMRDA.

The establishment of the Ring Road will play an important role in town planning. Furthermore, the Ring Road will be connected across major highways, connecting 29 villages across the city.

Four Phases of Pune Ring Road

The Pune Ring Road route will be well connected to the major highways of the city. This would include:

  • Pune-Nashik
  • Mumbai-Pune-Solapur
  • Pune-Satara
  • Pune-Ahmednagar

The four phases across which the Pune Ring Road map will be spread include:

  • Phase 1: Theurphata - NH 9 - Kesnand - Wagholi - Charholi - Bhavdi - Tulapur - Alandi – Kelgaon Chimbli - NH 50
  • Phase 2: NH 50 - Chimbli Moi - Nighoje - Sangurde - Shelarwadi - Chandkhed - Pachne - Pimploli - Rihe - Ghotawde - Pirangut.
  • Phase 3: Pirangut - Bhugaon - Chandni Chowk - Ambegaon – Katraj
  • Phase 4: Ambegaon - Katraj - Mangdewadi - Wadachiwadi - Holkarwadi - Wadkinaka - Ramdara - Theurphata - NH 9

That's not all, the Pune Ring Road will feature various benefits. It will be available at a six-lane stretch and have two service lanes. Along with that, the Pune Ring Road will also feature:

  • eight flyovers
  • four bridges
  • two service lanes
  • seven viaducts
  • 14 subway roads
  • 13 funnels.

A significant amount of land will also be acquired across the Pune Ring Road. As of now, PMRDA has acquired around 24% of land across Vadachiwadu, Wagholi and Kadambavasti.

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Impact of Pune Ring Road on The Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector across all the connecting 29 villages of the ring road will also improve. Apart from easing connectivity, the ring road will improve the standard of living. This will cater to the requirements of all the people. Furthermore, people from different cities will be able to settle in this place. Employment opportunities will also increase.

Here are some of the major Pune Ring Road impact on the real estate sector:

New Commercial Zones

The commercial sector will also embrace growth with the ring road. Since it will be stretched across a huge area, there are chances of establishment of various properties.

Improved Connectivity

The Pune Ring Road will be one of the major roads boosting connectivity. Since most of the city will be covered, there will be easy movement. The daily commute will become easier reducing the need for outbound traffic. When movement is easier, it will be smooth for the people to move around as well.

Infrastructure development

There will be numerous infrastructure developments across the city. There will be development of residential and commercial properties. The Ring Road establishment will also promote other establishments, including utilities, social amenities and transport services. The improved infrastructure development will also help in the upliftment of surrounding areas.

Value Appreciation

The development of the Pune Outer Ring Road will help in boosting the value of plots and lands around the area. This is mostly because of the increase in infrastructure development and better connectivity.

Peripheral Area Development

Pune Ring Road will also pave the way for infrastructure development in peripheral areas. A lot of neighbouring towns and cities will observe growth and witness a significant rise in real estate properties.

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When will Pune Ring Road be ready?

The Pune Ring Road is expected to be ready by December 2026. All the respective bodies involved in the project are taking special care to ensure the timely construction of the project. The ring road is supposed to spread across a stretch of 170 Km.

Pune Ring Road Current Status

According to the latest confirmation from the government, the Pune Ring Road construction will begin in December 2023. It is anticipated that the construction process will be completed by December 2026. Thus, within three years, the entire project will be ready.

The final steps for land acquisition are anticipated to be completed by September 2023. Once the land is ready, the government would need 3-4 months to begin the road construction procedure. As of now, the anticipated cost of the project is around Rs 158.87 billion.

As of now, 90% of the measurement process is complete. The proposition for acquiring the land has begun. The land acquisition project is in the final stage. For the proposed ring road, the eastern side is also being improved. The Ring Road construction procedure was delayed because of COVID-19. However, the process is now being streamlined to ensure faster construction. The government has taken steps to ensure connectivity of Pune to Nashik and Bangalore via the Ring Road.


Once the Pune Ring Road is established, it will improve the connectivity of Pune. Furthermore, there will be development across villages as well. This can further help in boosting the economy of the city.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is ring road in Pune?

Ans: The Pune Ring Road is a 173km long stretch currently being constructed by MSRDC or the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Limited.


When will Pune Ring Road get operational?

Ans: The estimated time of completion is 2026.


What is the length of Pune Ring Road?

Ans: The Pune Ring Road is approximately 173km long.


What is the compensation for Pune Ring Road?

Ans: The Estimated Project Cost is around INR 17,000 Crores.


What is the current status of Pune Ring Road?

Ans: The Ring Road is currently under construction.


How will the development of Pune Ring Road benefit the residents?

Ans: The Ring road is designed to make travelling smooth and will offer easy connectivity to six main highways.

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