Simple Ways To Make Your Home Pet Friendly

April 30, 2019 in Knowledge Base

Artistic ImpressionSimple Ways To Make Your Home Pet Friendly

Simple ways to make your home pet-friendly

Having a pet can improve the quality of your life multifold. Their unconditional love and company are unmatchable. However, before you plan on getting a furry friend, it is mandatory to check if your house is entirely safe and comfortable for it. Like you, even they deserve a safe and homely environment to play in and grow up around. We often forget that there could be certain things in the house that might not distinctly pose as a threat to us, but could be unsafe and tricky for animals.

Gone are the days when many were skeptic about getting a furry friend, for it meant compromising on their comfort and lifestyle and would ultimately give up the thought. We, at Adani Realty, understand this concern and hence, ensure to provide the best facilities for your pet in and around your residence at Shantigram, our prime development in Ahmedabad. But before anything else, here are a few safety tips to ensure your house is ready for a pet:

  • Skip the carpet

    – With animals, it is best to go for textured tiles or hardwood floors that are easy-to-clean, instead of picking rugs or carpet that can accumulate dust and germs, quickly turning it into a breeding ground for fleas.
  • Secure breakables

    – Pets usually have a habit of snooping around the house, which can make it tricky to monitor them. Make sure you stow food items, detergents, bug sprays, medicines and breakable items on higher shelves to prevent them from reaching and accessing it.
  • Avoid open or loose ends

    – Install childproof latches in the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, keep garbage bins and toilet lids closed, use tinted mirrors and steer clear of any loose wires that might come in their way of movement. You can’t precisely foresee which way they are headed next!
  • Personal space

    – Pets, much like us, enjoy spending time alone. Make sure you have enough space in and around your house to let them move freely. Additionally, a pet-friendly neighbourhood with open spaces, parks and greenery is equally essential to ensure they have room to play. At Shantigram, with over eighty per cent of free space, it’s all about letting them play and enjoy their hearts out!

Keeping your pet safe, secure and healthy is every pet-owners’ highest priority. As one of the most esteemed builders in Ahmedabad, Adani Realty highlights Shantigram, an integrated, modern township that offers homes for all. From 1 BHK affordable homes to 6 BHK lavish villas, our homes have been thoughtfully planned and meticulously designed keeping pet safety and open spaces in consideration. Since Shantigram is spread across whopping 580+ acres of land, it offers about eighty per cent open spaces and lush greenery that give your pets ample space to play freely. Enjoy years of snuggling with your mischief-making pets in beautiful, secure homes with homes from Adani Realty Ahmedabad at Shantigram!

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