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Apr 06, 2018  |  By SUPER USER

If you’re the sort of person for whom health, fitness and a brisk outdoor routine, are an integral part of your life plan, then The Meadows, at Shantigram, Ahmedabad is the perfect place for you.

Coming from the house of Adani Realty, The Meadows is a perfect example of luxurious living, defined by picturesque landscapes, opulent spaces and embraced by lush greens around. The luxurious homes are spacious 2, 2.5 and 3bhk flats, designed by architect Qutub Mandviwala, and are spread across 11 buildings falling under 3 clusters; each of which has its own separate clubhouse, playground, gardens and swimming pool. Each amenity at The Meadows exudes exuberance at its best. The property is just another beauty from the bouquet of lush properties by Adani Realty - one of the best property developers in India. The Meadows is a part of Shantigram – one of India’s largest integrated township.

The property is the best example of sports meets living. The wide range of amenities available are sure to entice the sports lover in you. The most outstanding feature of this property is the football field bang on the centre, around which all the buildings are built which further enhances the concept of luxurious apartments. In fact, the residents of the buildings immediately around the football field have the stunning view of this lush green field right from their bedroom/living room windows.

Lit by floodlights and featuring a dedicated jogging track around its perimeter, the football ground boasts of well maintained, fresh turf for lovers of the sport, this place redefines the concept of luxury apartments.

The buildings themselves are built in a way that enables maximum airflow around every corner of the property. This results in a fresh cool breeze that sweeps across at all times, bringing the temperature down around the property even on hot days. This is especially good at the children’s play areas, which boast of lots of colourful equipment and anti slip flooring to minimize injury.

The 3 clubhouses (one for each cluster) are luxurious and have all the possible amenities that one could ask for. Right from indoor sports facilities like table tennis, carom and chess, to yoga decks, meditation halls and large, full-fledged gymnasiums for those who prefer a physically intense lifestyle.

Residents of the property also have access to a huge Cricket field with 4 practice pitches and a Pavilion seating capacity of 5000 spectators, Tennis courts and 3 separate swimming pools.

Kids can up their game at the basketball and volleyball courts, while senior citizens can keep up with their health at a slower pace using the walking paths; with sit outs at intervals for their tired feet.

This residential property in Ahmedabad is completely in tune with the requirements of sports buffs, athletes and families that lay a heavy emphasis on health, fitness and all round education for their kids by encouraging them to graze their knees and develop their spirits. A stretcher elevator ensures that even in case of an emergency, residents of the higher floors can be fully mobile.

This posh property at Adani, Shantigram falls nothing short of a sports haven for people who are active sports lovers. The unique and distinguished concept of Sports Living makes The Meadows as one of the most preferred and loved projects of Ahmedabad.

This property is the closest thing you can get to living beside a full fledged Sports complex in Ahmedabad with a lifetime membership to every single facility. And even then, the property would come out a winner.

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