Storage hacks for a small bedroom!

May 28, 2018 in Property Guide

Artistic ImpressionStorage hacks for a small bedroom!

We’re all victims of storage crunch; struggling to stuff our things in every possible corner of the room - trying to wriggle in the last pair of clothes in the wardrobe or shoving the last pair of shoes in the shoe rack. And although storage hacks over the internet are available dime a dozen, there are barely a few that we can put to best use.

If you often find yourself in a cramming session, struggling with space, here’s a consolidated list of DIY tips to make the most of your own little bedroom!


Suspended tables to create an illusion of space

A cutting board, a couple of coated steel wires, pincers, a drill, a hook, and leather are all that you need to make this fancy little table that you can hang anywhere. Suspend it by your bedside as a holder for the baroque, antique lamp or as a rack to display your mini collection of delicate souvenirs. You can also entwine fairy lights along the steel wires (holders) to make a table cum chic night lamp. 


Hang a clothes rack in the corner

If you have more clothes than you can shove in every corner of the room, it’s time you consider having an open closet. Fix a clothes rack in an empty corner of the room, and voila! You now hang your ironed clothes and not worry about the every morning hunt, searching for them. You can also show off your fancy collection of designer clothes (Just saying ;)). Make sure that you fix the rack away from the window, to protect the clothes from dust. 


Use a cork wall to store your jewellery

An old dart board can be used to store your everyday jewellery. Deck up one in a gilded frame and you have an economical, unique jewellery board to keep your accessories tangle free. You can use a full size mirror to cover the jewellery board that would also double up as a dressing table.


Use old drawers to make your own book shelf

If you buy a lot of books, only to stack them in different drawers of your room because you’re running tight on space, you could do with some drawers from old furniture. Arrange the drawers (of different sizes, preferably) to make a skeleton of a hanging shelf. And your mini-library is ready to be loaded with books. If you own a huge collection of books, you could even have different genres in each drawer! Ain’t that cool?


Use a hanging fruit basket to store your accessories

Tiny, inconspicuous, things are the most difficult to locate. Especially when you are hurrying for work, or running late for the dinner party.

Stash your hats, little earrings, cuff links, socks, and other accessories in these small, mobile hanging baskets. You can keep them in your wardrobe or by your dressing table too! 


Buy a bed frame with drawers to store the extras

Buy a bed frame with drawers to make some extra space. Stash those warm clothes and thick blankets, or store your movie/book collection, away from everyone’s eye. Bed drawers will give you ample space to store everything you want. 


Get a rack for your pants

The struggle to find just the right clothes in the morning is annoying. You can get a wooden rack like this for your pants. These are usually custom built and help save you the pain of adjusting your trousers on hangers every time. Additionally, they also keep the creases out, and save you the tussle of fishing through your wardrobe every morning.


Use an old pillow cover to make for a pretty laundry bag

All you need is an old, pretty, pillow cover and embroidery hoop to make this attractive laundry bag. Sandwich the ends of the pillowcase in between the embroidery hoop parts and stitch along the borders. And voila! You have a quaint bag to heap your everyday dirty clothes.

You can use these simple DIY hacks to make your small room look bigger and make best use of the compact space.

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