The silent battle to create best lifetime experience

April 20, 2018 in Home and Lifestyle

Artistic ImpressionThe silent battle to create best lifetime experience

India has been on a development spree like never before. The growth that our country has witnessed over the past few years has been exemplary. Apart from upping the ladder of progress, the expanding economy also serves as a great market for businesses to grow, and serve a population that is vast and diverse in terms of its needs and requirements. One of the sectors that have reaped major benefits out of the booming economy is the real estate industry. As per studies, the realty industry is slated to grow at a whopping 30 percent over the next decade!

Property rates are at an all-time high with each property developer offering homes one better than the other. In times when consumers are becoming more finicky of their preferences, developers are striving hard to prove their precedence over their competitive counterparts.

With the escalating stress levels, strenuous lifestyles and demanding work schedules, everyone wants to come back to a place that is more than just home; a place where they can relax, rejuvenate and disconnect from the chaos of their erratic lives.

Buying a home is a lifetime experience. And when it comes to something as important as investing in a dream home, we all have varied expectations. Whether it is the peaceful neighborhood we are looking for or the world-class amenities that would add some pleasure to our everyday lives, everyone's expectations are distinct and subjective. While some look for a spacious, well-furnished, and an aesthetically designed home that promises security and comfort, there are others who want to come back to modest, cozy apartments that will calm their minds and give them an experience of Nirvana!

One of the major touch points is giving the consumers an experience par excellence. Why should a consumer choose to invest with a particular builder? What gives a property developer an edge over the other? In an attempt to prove their credibility, builders are proactively seeking to offer ‘extra' amenities. While a lot of consumers prefer to invest with developers they've already invested with, there are others for whom loyalty takes a rear seat and they are ready to take the risk of investing with a new property developer.

Major market players have a lot to offer to their consumers. One such great example is Shantigram by Adani in Ahmedabad. The township that is built over more than 600 acres of land, offers a wide range of options for home buyers. From budget apartments to opulent homes, from penthouses and palatial homes to villas, the township offers housing options for every price range. Furthermore, residents have, access to a zillion amenities like international level football and cricket fields, clubhouses, beautiful landscaped gardens, infinite pools and access to one of India's largest private social club - The Belvedere Golf and Country Club! Every property developed by Adani Realty is crafted to perfection and a notch higher than their adversaries. With the likes of top real estate developers like Rustomjee, Adani Realty, Oberoi and Rahejas, that offer the best of properties at great prices, the competition just gets tougher and steeper.

While the tussle between the top market players gets murkier, it also leaves the home buyers with unending options to choose their dream homes and invest in the one that best serves their needs and interests.

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