Thoughtful Guest Rooms

April 02, 2018 in Home and Lifestyle

Artistic ImpressionThoughtful Guest Rooms

There are more things you can do to the guest room in your house other than just keeping it neater than the rest of the house. With a little bit of thoughtful insight in to the requirements of most guests, you can create a space so comfortable that your guests will be sure to exclaim that they had a more comfortable stay in your guest room than if they would have rented a room at a hotel!

Have a ‘Guest-Room section’ in your cupboard

Avoid a last minute scramble by keeping full-time guest supplies on hand, such as toiletries, towels, and bedding. Store them in designated spots when they're not in use, rather than mingled with your everyday items. When the doorbell rings, you’ll be relaxed and ready for your guests, not hunting for the extra pillows.

Have a night lamp installed

Don’t forget that your guests are not familiar with the layout of your home, so in the absence of a night light, they will either have to fumble around in the dark or have to risk waking everyone else in the room up by turning on all the main lights.

Provide a duvet as well as a lighter cotton sheet

It’s awkward for any guest to keep disturbing the host multiple times with various requests. Ensure that you provide your guests the option of a light covering sheet as well as a thicker duvet, so that they can sleep comfortably whether they are finding it warm or cold.

Keep a bottle of water and some basic snacks in the room

That way, even if your guests are craving a midnight snack, or in case they wake up early, hungry, they will have something to kill their hunger without having to feel awkward about raiding your kitchen.

Have thick curtains/drapes installed

Give your guests the option to sleep in late undisturbed by keeping the sun and heat out of the room in the daytime.

Have empty cupboard space available for their belongings

This will also work well to ensure that your guests don’t clutter your room with their stuff.

Offer Your Wi-Fi password without them asking for it

Handwrite the password on a nice piece of writing paper, on a card on the dresser or bedside table, or print one out and give it to your houseguests when they are settling in to the room.

Decorate the room with fresh flowers

An easy and affordable way to freshen up the bedroom is to decorate it with beautiful, fresh blooms and flowers. The inclusion of a bouquet next to the bed, or an arrangement placed on a dresser, shows that you have thoughtfully taken the time to make the room cheerful and bright for them. You can colour coordinate your flowers with the linen or colour scheme of the room, or provide contrast with a bright pop of colour in an otherwise neutral scheme.

Make sure the electrical sockets are visible and accessible

Unless you want guests clambering underneath the bed to try and find a place to plug in their cellphones, it’s important to keep the socket in reach … or at least let them know where it is at the time they are putting there luggage into the room.

Install a full-length mirror

A lot of time, people stay over when they are in town for business meetings, weddings or vacations. All these events require people to look and feel their best, and most people pack fastidiously in anticipation of these kind of days. Keeping this in mind, it is a thoughtful gesture to have a full-length mirror installed in the room so that your guests can get ready in comfort.

Ensure the room is thoughtfully lit

Have a separate reading light, bathroom mirror/makeup light, and a night lamp in addition to the regular lighting of the room.

Throw in a smattering of both Basic Necessities as well as Simple Luxuries

The following items will go a long way in making your guests stay a relaxed and comfortable one:

-Toothbrush and Toothpaste

-Hand wash

-Bottled Water


-Soap, Shampoo and conditioner

-Fresh towels

-A fresh roll of toilet paper

-Flip flops (if you don’t want them roaming around your house with their outside shoes on)

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