Top Floor Apartments: Benefits and Disadvantages

March 26, 2024 in Knowledge Base

Top Floor Apartments: Benefits and Disadvantages

While buying a flat or apartment, you should know that they are readily available in the market in different sizes. But, what's more fascinating is that their availability on different floors can bring big differences between them. When you have so many choices available, you may often ask, "On which floor should I be getting my apartment?"

The answer can be quite tricky, but many people prefer living on the top floor. The top-floor apartments often find themselves as the #1 preference of people because of the views they offer. Also, buying a top-floor apartment often means escaping the city's hustle and bustle.

But, are there only benefits of living on the top floor? No. It comes with its own set of challenges too. Thus, in this article, we will take a deep dive into understanding the pros and cons of top-floor apartments. First, let's check out the benefits.

Benefits of Living on the Top Floor Apartment

Investing in a top-floor apartment can guarantee you peace of mind. You get to be closer to the cloud (literally, in some aspects). That's not all; there's more, such as:

Panoramic Views

The top-floor apartments surely provide breathtaking views of the surroundings. In most urban cities, investing in a top-floor apartment can get you a good return on investment because of the high demand. If your property is located close to a lake, sea or any such natural surrounding you will get an unobstructed view of the same.

More Privacy

Living in a top-floor apartment can offer you more privacy and seclusion as compared to lower floors. The top floors in high-rise apartments are usually less prone to threats from burglars or criminals.

Better Security

As mentioned earlier, burglars often do not target such top-floor apartments because of the risks involved. The top-floor apartments are the least accessible areas. This can protect the property against break-ins.

Natural Light and Fresh Air

One of the major benefits of living in a top-floor apartment is easy access to fresh air and natural light. Since your apartment is already at a height, you will get more natural light that will make the place bright. Moreover, the height of the apartment will also make it easy to get fresh air, unpolluted from the traffic.

Less Noise

Living in a top-floor apartment means dealing with less noise from city traffic and building tenants.

Less Prone to Pest Infestation

A pest infestation can be a total pain, and getting rid of it can often seem impossible. The good part is that you will not have to deal with them while living on the top floor. One of the major benefits of living on the top floor is that you will have very few visits from bugs, rodents, and pests. These are usually found in flats on the ground floor, close to their natural habitat.

Rental Income

Investing in a top-floor apartment can generate a good return. All you need to do is list the particular property available for rent. Since these are often in high demand, people easily pay a higher rental price. Moreover, you will not have to wait long to rent out such properties.

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Cons of Living on the Top Floor Apartments

Most disadvantages of living on the top floor apartments are due to their height. Some of the common challenges of living in a top-floor apartment include the following:

Difficult to Access

Living on the top floor apartments can seem attractive, but is it easy to get there? For example, what if the elevator isn't working? Can you take the stairs to the topmost floor of your building? Moreover, if you ever plan on moving out, making your trips around the stairs with all the furniture will be slightly difficult.

Limited Emergency Evacuation Options

The apartments located on the top floor usually have very limited or fewer emergency evacuation options. You should always be aware of the evacuation plan on your floor to avoid natural disasters or fire. Being prepared from the beginning helps.

No Outdoor Space

The ground-floor apartments usually feature a private garden. However, this option isn't always available with top-floor apartments. The balcony space across these apartments is often small, too. However, you've hit the jackpot if you get a property with a roof terrace.

Poor Thermal Insulation

While getting direct sunlight on your top-floor apartment is a blessing, it can also turn out to be a challenge. Direct sunlight can make the property extremely hot. If the apartment isn't properly insulated, major temperature fluctuations can occur. As a result, poor insulation can lead to higher energy bills. Before making a purchase, you should consider properly checking the property's insulation.

High Rental Prices

If you plan to rent an apartment on the top floor, the rental charges are usually higher. This is mostly because of all the benefits the top-floor apartments offer.

It is advisable to carefully weigh the pros and cons of top-floor apartments before making any investment- whether rent or purchase. Being aware of the right factors can play an important role in making an informed decision.

Factors to Consider While Buying A Top-Floor Apartment

Buying a top-floor apartment provides a balance of pros and cons. Whether or not you choose it is a complete matter of personal preference. However, once you make up your mind, there are certain factors you need to assess, which include:

  • You may not need to use the fire extinguishers often, but it is advisable to check them regularly. Checking ensures that they are renewed and not expired and can be useful when required.
  • You should consult your real estate agent about the seepage issues. As the property is located on the top floor, you may experience seepage during monsoons. If there is a seepage issue, you should consider getting it fixed without any delay.
  • It won't always be possible to take stairs to the topmost floor. Thus, before buying a top-floor apartment, you should check if the building has an efficient power backup system for the lifts.
  • The property's resale value is one of the major factors to consider before investing in a top-floor apartment. Since these apartments have so many pros, the resale value will also be higher. It is advisable to research the area's real estate trends to understand the full market potential.
  • You should consider inspecting before investing. The top-floor apartments in older buildings can have problems like sagging floors or ceilings. Conducting the inspection will help find these issues and avoid them on time.

Since there are so many factors to consider, you must understand if these top-floor apartments are worth all the investment.

Are Top Floor Apartments Worth the Investment?

Because of all the benefits that the top-floor apartments offer, the cost of buying them is usually higher. However, before investing, it is always advisable to be familiar with the pros and cons of top-floor apartments.

Investing in a top-floor apartment depends on priority and personal preferences. The top-floor apartments can tick all the checkboxes if you're looking for peace, comfort and a luxurious living experience. However, if you have a slightly tight budget, it is advisable to avoid the top-floor apartment. It is important to consider other potential downsides, such as restricted access and increased cost of utilities.

If the advantages align with your interests, the top-floor apartments can be totally worth the investment. Nonetheless, before making your final decision, you should consider researching the apartment, building, and surrounding neighbourhood.

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As a buyer, you should know your preferences so that you can make the right decision. Your lifestyle can also influence your decision to live in a top-floor apartment.

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