Top Interior Design Trends in 2024 for your Mumbai Home

January 16, 2024 in Project

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Interior design has been an essential aspect of our quest to make our homes warm and inviting. It is a fact that our surroundings shape our thoughts and perception of the world around us. Similarly, the type of environment we subject ourselves to every day defines our level of mental health and well-being. So, interior design is not only important for the aesthetics of the house but also essential to determine how you feel in the house.

A home with thoughtful designs and ergonomic layouts plays a vital role in increasing the options for interior design. Well-thought-out house design ideas help us try new things to add a personal touch to our homes.

So, to assist you and give you some insights on some of the top interior design trends of 2024, we have compiled a list for your reference.

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Bold colours and designs

The retro look is a top interior design trend you can use in your Mumbai home to give it a multi-chromatic appearance. Using bold colours and different textures and patterns, such as shades of green with zebra patterns on the walls and abstract paintings with lighter tones, will add contrast. Furthermore, you can also use different colour shades on your curtains to complement the multi-chromatic look of your home. These house interior design ideas in India were prominent in the 80s and 90s. You can mimic the same look with a modern twist.

3D art and wall hangings

Using 3D art is a home design trend that has taken the interior design market by storm. Using origami and other creative art can make your walls pop with style. The vivid 3D design effect provides a fresh, out-of-the-box aesthetic look. You can also use wall hangings and mirrors to add variation and depth to the room. It enhances the interior decor of your home without any hassle. Furthermore, you can always update and add new wall hangings and indoor plants.

Thoughtful home decor

With the inception of the work-from-home culture, interior design trends in 2024 align with thoughtful home decor. While designing interiors, take into account the overall requirements of every person in the family. For example, customising your child’s room with designs and art that suit their interests and passion will encourage them to work towards their goals. Similarly, designing a workspace that suits your requirements will increase your productivity.

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Utilising open spaces

Find creative ways to use the open spaces in your home. Transforming your courtyards and balconies into gardens will add vibrance and contrast to your home. The light reflected from the natural texture of the plants will set a nice tone. In addition, you can install mood lights and a hammock on your balcony to enjoy the calming sea breeze of Mumbai in the evening. Such innovative house design ideas will help you maximise your open space and complement the house's overall aesthetics.

Use laminates

Laminates can embellish your home’s interior without much effort. Using wall laminates can completely change the look of your home. You can use laminates to customise your furniture as well. These give the walls and furniture a superior, attractive finish with a unique texture. Using laminates also makes interior designing easy and cost-effective. Modern technology allows you to get any custom design printed on the laminate, which will then be pasted on the walls. Hence, families can get their cherished family moments printed on the wall laminates and use them as the governing aesthetic for their homes. It embellishes the home interior and makes the home feel more personal and revered to the family.

You can use these interior design trends to customise your home to fit your aesthetics perfectly.

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