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May 31, 2018  |  By SUPER USER

Our lives are virtually run by gadgets, be it for mobility, food, cleaning, storage, security – you name it and there’s a gadget doing it for you. Technology is constantly evolving; and it’s getting better with each passing day. Everyday we are introduced to some new device that promises to ease another one of our life’s problems. Here’s a list of the top 5 easily available smart technology devices for your home:

1. Smart lighting

Gone are the days when plain white tube lights brightened up our homes. Today, lights play a much larger role in setting the right mood for an occasion. From a house party to a quite candlelight dinner with your loved one, the correct light helps set the perfect ambience for any given situation. A lot of companies are exploring the concept of mood lighting wherein you can control the colour and intensity of the light right from your smartphone!

2. Smart Refrigerator

What if your refrigerator could talk to you? What if your refrigerator could show you everything that’s hidden in its large belly, and the grocery that you are running out of? Well, marching ahead with time and technology, our refrigerators have become smart too. A popular brand has now introduced a double door refrigerator that is equipped with CCTV cameras on the inside and a large LED display screen on the door. You can capture images of the insides each time the door is opened and shut. You can also stream music on the LED screen and enjoy your cooking experience.  Some refrigerators even come with built-in speakers!

3. Smart TV

You can connect smart TVs to your mobile device via WIFI, and stream your favourite shows or enjoy your favourite music on the larger screen. Smart TVs can also be used as makeshift PCs. Access your apps right on the big screen. Hold a video chat or enjoy a game. Basically you can use the television screen to mirror your phone screen and vice versa.

4. Hub Chargers

The batteries in smart phones drain extremely fast, and it’s an everyday occurrence to have a mini-heart attack every time the battery bar begins to turn red. To solve this, many of us buy portable chargers, only to realize that we have forgotten to charge that too most of the time! Hub chargers are basically chargers that have multiple multiple ports that allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time; saving you the trouble of hunting for empty sockets to plug in a charger every now and then.

5. Smart Door Locks

You can leave home without a care in the world when you are protected by a biometric door locking system. Biometric locks use fingerprint or retina scans and are nearly impossible to pick by any other means.  Other cool technology improvements on door security include self-triggering video cameras and audio/video intercom systems that let you see who is outside or around your door on your cellphone - even if you are away.

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