What to consider when buying (or renting) a home when you have young children

Apr 05, 2018  |  By SUPER USER

Home is where the heart is. This is indeed true when it comes to finally having your dream house and your very own family. For most people, it is a major challenge to find a space that is appropriate not only for their own needs, but also for small children. There are many things to consider when getting a home keeping the requirements of young children in mind.

Lifestyle Facilities

Imagine having all the play and sports amenities your growing children need, right in the vicinity of your home. Not having to waste precious time taking your child to far off places for extra-curricular activities like football coaching or swimming lessons.

Having lifestyle and sports amenities close at hand ensures that your child receives all the opportunities possible to give him/her a great start, while giving you the peace of mind that your child is safe and close by.


Welcoming an additional member into the family is a beautiful feeling but apart from the comfort factor of the house itself, a child-friendly neighborhood is a must. Ensure that the locality is safe, well lit and easily accessible. Societies these days lay emphasis on constant vicinity monitoring through CCTVs as well as guards so that there are multiple layers of security.

In addition, make sure that your building has adequate space around it, and wide enough access roads, so that in the unfortunate event of a fire, the fire truck can get to the building easily.

Accessibility / Demography / The Meadows: Sports residences optimized for growing children

Raising children is no game. Never underestimate the comfort and convenience of having a pediatrician, crèche, primary school, safe park or decent play area close at hand when you have young children. Hence, locational convenience should be kept in mind. Another thing to consider is the distance of your home from your workplace; as after a long day, you wouldn't want to compromise on family time by getting caught in traffic and taking ages to get home to your little ones.Also, if you are looking out for a nanny or domestic help, keep in mind that it will be easier to get that assistance, if your home is in an area that is close to public transport points.

Is your locality a place where children can play with other kids of their age?It may not matter when your kids are really young, but in the long run, living in a society with like-minded neighbours matters a lot.

Adani Realty is proud to present to you The Meadows, Shantigram - a beautiful residential complex built around a football field, and catering specifically for children and adults for whom sports and fitness is of absolute importance.

With 3 swimming pools, 3 clubhouses with multiple lifestyle amenities and indoor games, a full sized gym, a football field, a cricket field, tennis courts, badminton courts, a jogging track, multiple international standard play areas and a whole lot more, you will find that The Meadows is quite possibly Ahmedabad’s best residential option for families with growing children and active lifestyles.

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