5 Amazing space saving furniture ideas

Apr 22, 2018  |  By SUPER USER

Smaller living spaces call for innovative decor/furniture, if you want to enjoy all the accessories of a full sized home in half the space!  Here are 5 space saving furniture ideas that you can keep in mind when you are doing up/redecorating a studio apartment or a small sized home.

Folding Wall Desks

Save space in a compact Studio apartment / 1 BHK by installing a foldable wall desk. Flip it out, use the table top surface, and lift it back up into the bracket on the wall when done, and voila! You can enjoy a functional study table without the hassle of making space for it!

Storage Seaters

Storage seaters are a great way to accommodate items for storage even in the living room. They cleverly utilize the horizontal and vertical space taken up by the seater and convert it into a storage cabinet of sorts. You can make the front and sides of the seater as ornate as you want, and put a nice big cushion seat on top, and nobody will ever guess that there are bundles of clothes or sundry items hidden inside!

Sofa-cum Bed

This is probably the most commonly used space saving furniture item. As the name suggests, it's a bed which folds up and becomes a regular sofa during the day. A great way to save space in smaller apartments where you still want the option of a guest bed.

Jigsaw Dining Set

A nifty innovation on the ubiquitous dining table, a jigsaw dining set allows you to enjoy the benefit of a full-fledged dining set without having the chairs hog up valuable space. This is because the chairs ingeniously fit in to the cavity of the table, so when you are done using it, you can simply fit the chairs into the table like a jigsaw!

Bedroom Hybrid

Perhaps the most space saving of all are the Bedroom Hybrids aka the Sofa cum Bed cum Storage Units. These units basically use the framework of a wall mounted storage unit, and fit in a sofa cum bed into the lower space, effectively making it an all-in-one bedroom furniture kit.

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