How to Customize Your Home? - 10 Ways to Personalize a New Home!

October 06, 2023 in Home and Lifestyle

Artistic ImpressionHow to Customize Your Home? - 10 Ways to Personalize a New Home!

Money buys us a house, but we make it a home when we customize it based on our preferences. You may buy any prime property in Ahmedabad, but you will start relating to it once you begin customizing it according to your taste. For this reason, interiors and personalized decor become critical to making your living space warm and welcoming. If your budget permits, you can hire an interior designer or make smart choices by creating DIY decor using items already at your disposal.

A Beginners’ Guide to Personalizing Home Decor



Picking the Right Decor


You can opt for decor from a variety of popular options such as modern, bohemian, traditional, minimalist, coastal, rustic, and industrial. Don’t just go for trending decor but opt for something you like - a decor that reflects your style!


Optimizing Space


Assess the space of your flat and decide how you would like to use the space. Determine whether you wish to fill that space with something functional, decorative, or personal. An interior designer or Vastu expert can help you achieve this.


Scaled and Futuristic Plan


If you have budget constraints, you can fit your interior plans into the existing budget and add more customizations later. Scale up your interiors when additional resources become available. Your interiors can be in line with your taste, even on a fixed budget.


choosing the right


Lighting is an exhaustive decor segment. Proper lighting can make your house look more spacious. You can also opt for tech-enabled lights that can be app or voice-controlled for your living convenience.


Suitable Furniture


Furniture consumes a major portion of your interior budget. Align it with the choice of your décor for the best results, and do not overspend. Too much furniture will make your house look stuffed and short on space in several areas.


Start with Functional Installations


Before you start aiming for luxurious fixtures, first take care of the functional installations such as geysers, cooling systems, chimneys, and lights. Since they are flat essentials, the area of their fittings needs to be decided upon first.


Multi-Sourced and Tender-based Procurement


Do not procure all your goods from one vendor. Safeguard yourself against substandard material and inflated prices. Check the rates charged by various vendors, and if possible, compare quotations to understand what seems suitable.


DIY Mix and Match


You can also do the interiors yourself using items currently available. Picking affordable items from wholesalers, using family photos, employing DIY art, and recycling and reusing your old possessions in your new house are some excellent ideas.


Understand the Layout


If you are not familiar with your floor plan, you might end up overdoing the interiors or stocking up on unnecessary items. Remember to take accurate measurements to make judicious use of space.


Fixing a Budget


It is necessary to plan your interiors based on your budget. Overspending can burn a hole in your pocket, leaving very limited resources for other elements of the flat. An expert can be hired to efficiently utilize your budget.

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Customizing Your Home - The Smart Way

A house does not become a home until you have personalized it. The right decor can not only make a house welcoming but also optimize space utilization. You can opt for a 3-bedroom home in Ahmedabad, which offers semi-furnished living quarters. Amogha is one such project that offers spacious living in natural surroundings. 3 BHK homes in Adani Amogha at Shantigram, Ahmedabad are the perfect choice as it offers a beautifully constructed, spacious home with a lot of scope for customization. It would be perfect to allocate about 10 percent of the total flat value for interiors.

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