10 Design Hacks to Maximize Utilization of Space in Your 3 BHK Apartments

January 06, 2023 in Property Guide

Artistic Impression10 Design Hacks to Maximize Utilization of Space in Your 3 BHK Apartments

Space is something you always feel you have less of in your house. Whether you are living in a studio apartment or a sizable luxury residency, you will always feel there is a space deficit and are likely to require more after a while. One of the ways to create more livable space within the constraints of your existing 3 BHK floor plan is to declutter and invest in smart storage solutions. But did you know there are subtle decor options that can create the feel of more space even in modest homes with a carpet area of 500 square feet?

Let us introduce you to these professional tricks employed by interior designers and architects to make your 3 BHK home more spacious.

10 Handy Tips to Maximize Utilization of Space in Your 3 BHK Apartment

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Invest in Vertical and Hidden Storage


The best way to make space is to get smart storage solutions. Modular racks in kitchens, closets under the bed and vertical racks reduce space consumption.


Use Walls for Storage and Display


Walls are majorly under-utilized areas in Indian households. These walls can be used to declutter your living space. Mirror cabinets in the bathroom, utensil racks in the kitchen and key counters can be placed on the walls.


Employ Mirrors to Create a Spatial Effect


Mirrors create an illusion of roomier residential and commercial spaces. You can add mirrors to create a better spatial view in your home.

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Use Neutral and Light Colours


Always go for light and neutral colours that reflect light to create a bright and spacious ambience. In premium properties by Adani Realty these small factors are already taken care of.


Multipurpose and Lightweight Furniture


Heavy furniture is a complete no-no in small flats. Multi-purpose furniture such as sofa-cum-beds and stackable chairs create more space and should be used instead.


Open Kitchen and Dining


Open kitchens in flats make the best use of space and make the area look larger than it is. They also get a lot of light from the surrounding rooms, which creates a further illusion of space. If a purchasing a home is on your mind, look for these nuances in architecture.


Natural Lighting Options


Nothing makes a living space appear roomier than natural light. Look for spaces that have large windows or balconies. Adani Realty properties incorporate the idea of living with nature and are designed to let natural light in.


Highlighting Vertical Dimension


Vertical spaces can be employed to make your home look bigger. Decorating with freestanding shelving, adding lofty furniture, planting vertical gardens, adding art and reorganizing the lighting can be done to best use vertical spaces.


Simplistic Interior Design


Clean and minimalist interiors, coupled with neutral colours make your living area look more spacious. A space stacked up with many things can give the impression of your house having very little space.

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Incorporate Vastu Tips


You can adapt Vastu tips to create enhanced spatial views. Vastu also revolves around decluttering and can be a lifesaver in small spaces.

Maximizing Space is Smart Living


In urban landscapes, space comes at a premium. It is essential to declutter your living space for optimum utilization of the livable area. Remember that smart and hidden storage in bedrooms and kitchens will leave you with more space. The right decor can also create more spatial awareness. Amogha by Adani Realty offers spacious living in natural surroundings. If you are looking for a 3 BHK in Ahmedabad under 90 lacs, you can look at homes in Adani Shantigram. Call or drop us a mail at Adani Realty to find affordable flats in Ahmedabad that do not compromise on space.

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