Perks of Living in a Nature-Inspired Home!

January 19, 2023 in Property Guide

Artistic ImpressionPerks of Living in a Nature-Inspired Home!

By 2030, 40 percent of the Indian population will be residing in urban spaces which means that a whopping 600 million people would be living in cities. Urban areas are already cramped for normal spaces and accommodating green spaces is nowhere in the blueprint as of now. The expanding municipal limits leave more room for public infrastructure, residential areas and commercial areas than for green zones. However, as urbanization increases, there is an adverse effect on Earth but housing projects with green spaces can be a significant step towards reducing such effects whilst providing a healthier environment to dwell in. Let us take a look at the benefits of living in a green space.

Benefits of Living in Green Areas


Promotes Healthy Living


Green spaces are synonymous with healthy living. With several trees planted around, there is better oxygen concentration, which is good for the lungs and heart. These spaces reduce air pollution levels.

Enables Outdoor Activities and Exercises


Exercising and engaging in outdoor activities boosts good health and improves our immune system. Green spaces can play a major role in motivating us to take that early morning walk or practice yoga.

Boosts Social Activities and Bonding


Humans are social animals and socializing becomes easy when being housed with green-minded neighbours. Amogha by Adani Realty is among the select properties in Ahmedabad that offers a residential space in the lap of nature.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety Levels


When we live with nature, our brain releases feel-good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin that lower our stress levels. Activities such as gardening or swimming in the naturally shaded swimming pool is bound to make you more relaxed and at peace.

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Enhances Living Circumstances of the Elderly


The life of elderly people can often be lonely after a certain age. The nature-inspired homes by Adani Realty offer a sense of belonging to elderly residents. They can go for a walk, accompany kids to the play area and socialize with other elderly crowds in the area without fretting over traffic.

Butterfly-friendly Landscaping


Properties in Ahmedabad also have the scope of creating butterfly-friendly landscaping. Butterfly species such as Tailed Jay, Striped Tiger Blue Mormon, etc., can be attracted by creating a micro-environment which can act as a natural habitat for them. They, in turn, help in the reproduction of several important plants, playing a crucial role in the food chain.

Offers Holistic Development of Kids


Open natural spaces with dedicated play areas and butterfly gardens offer the best environment for the kids to expel their energy and have fun while also learning in the process. If you are looking for residential properties in Ahmedabad, your children will find the apartments in Adani Shantigram, Ahmedabad by Adani Realty, a fun place to live in.

Why natural surroundings are the best for your family


Nature-inspired housing like Amogha by Adani Realty offers a host of health benefits. It offers the perfect foundation for the development of your kids' minds and is also elderly-friendly. 3 BHK Flats in Ahmedabad not only provide exquisite living spaces to dwell in but promote the right balance of living healthy and being one with nature.

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