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January 02, 2023 in Property Guide

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The festival of Uttarayan holds religious significance in India as it marks the beginning of longer days and the end of winter. As the sun moves towards the North, Spring begins in India. This celebration of the harvest season is to honour the Hindu Sun God and is associated with prosperity and growth. Indians respect this auspicious time a lot and choose to make many important decisions of their lives during this blessed occasion. It is a popularly practiced tradition to invest in a home on this auspicious day. Investing in your dream home on Uttarayan is going to be a suitable option if you believe that buying properties especially buying a home should be done on auspicious occasions. It not only identifies itself as the first festival of the new year, i.e. Makar Sankranti, but is also considered significant for real estate investment in India by Indians as well as NRIs. Throughout the country, people buy property and jewellery during this time. Even promoters, real estate developers and builders provide heavy offers & deals during this period, which shows the significance of this day. Hence, buying new property during Uttarayan is one of the best investment decisions you can make by availing yourself the best real estate festive offers & deals.

Uttarayan Significance in Indian Real Estate

Dealings in real estate in India are highly influenced by cultural traditions based on which buyers and sellers interact. Festive times are considered auspicious, and it is believed that investing in a home at this time would prove to be prosperous. These beliefs are not just limited to people on the motherland, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and People of Indian Origin (PIO) also cling to these native beliefs. The number of NRI investment in real estate also tends to increase during Uttarayan. The importance and significance of Uttarayan is such that many people consider it wise to implement vital decisions regarding real estate investment. As one of the most prominent Hindu festivals in relevance to both seasonal and religious execution, it is dedicated to the welfare of the people through respect. According to Hindu religious faith, the Sun God acquires a position of significance during Uttarayan. Various real estate builders launch many new projects during this time in addition to offering attractive discounts schemes for the buyers.

Uttarayan is also special in relation to emotional connection, spiritual worshipping, happy vibes with family and cheerful procession. The celebration of Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti fills people with excitement and energy which creates a positive approach relevant to purchasing properties, both residential and commercial. Friends and families are involved in this festive season, encouraging people to take big steps where investment plays a positive role. It is a festival that is celebrated all over the country and is known by different names. However, it is an Indian belief that buying a new home during this auspicious time creates positive energy and the home would be blissful and prosperous for the family.

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Makar Sankranti: an auspicious day for buying a new home

In many Indian states, during Uttarayan people fly kites in the sky, the festive spirit is shared by making and eating til-gur laddus (sesame and jaggery sweets); the beginning of spring is celebrated on a large scale across India. Uttarayan is called Lohri in Punjab, Bihu in Assam and Pongal in Southern states showing the diversity that unites the different states of India.

Keeping up with this spirit of diversity and festivity, Adani Realty is offering world-class properties in major cities of India - Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon, and Ahmedabad. Adani properties in Ahmedabad - both residential and commercial projects are popular choices for investment during the Uttarayan festive period. Hence, we strive for creating opportunities for buyers during this time so you can find your dream home with the right motivation and decision. 4 & 5 BHK luxury villas at The North Park in Ahmedabad is a highly sought-after property. The North Park is located in the integrated township of Adani Shantigram, near Vishnodevi Circle, SG Highway, Ahmedabad. Adani Shantigram offers many luxurious as well as modest homes that are intrinsically designed, strategically located and loaded with amenities. If you are looking for 2 or 3 BHK homes, Aster, Amogha and Green View might be the ideal choices at Adani Shantigram. Adani Shantigram also houses luxurious 4 BHK Uberments – Ambrosia and Paarijat. Adani Realty also offers two premium properties at Jagatpur, Ahmedabad – Atrius and Archway. If your need of the hour is a well-connected commercial space in Ahmedabad, Inspire Business Park at Adani Shantigram will prove to be an ideal choice.


In conclusion, when buying a home of your own, you should make the crucial decision of the kind of home that you want and purchase during auspicious times like these. Recently, a lot of people are investing in residential apartments. Uttarayan is one of the best periods which is regarded by buyers as both auspicious and spiritually supportive for buying their new homes. As a vibrant festival, it is celebrated all over India and people are filled with enthusiasm and joy. Uttarayan is considered the onset of the harvest season and it is observed as a sign of prosperity. Hence, it is one of the best times for people in India as well as NRIs who believe in culture, tradition, and spirituality to invest in both residential & commercial property.

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