Vastu Shastra Tips - Let Vastu Shastra Redefine the Aesthetics of your Dream Home

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Vastu is an ancient science that is still widely practised in India. The science of Vastu is based on the wisdom, observation, and insight of the seers and sages of ancient India. When buying a residential property, it is vital to look for an option built as per Vastu principles. Although it is tough to find Vastu-compliant readymade homes and apartments, many builders are now coming up with houses constructed on Vastu principles.

Vastu - Ancient Science of Architecture

Vastu as a science of architecture is gaining a lot of popularity all over the world. Its earliest known history can be traced back to the Atharvaveda. This collection of building concepts incorporates the layout, design, space arrangement, ground preparation, dimension, and spatial geometry, which bring peace to the house. It is for this reason many potential home buyers have started taking Vastu very seriously, and it has become a game-changer in home-buying decisions. Initially, Vastu principles were applied only in temples, but now, taking into account their benefits towards maintaining peace and harmony, it is applied everywhere, be it in residential or commercial buildings.

Aware of this change in the homebuyers’ thinking, many real estate giants have appointed Vastu experts who help their architects in designing Vastu-compliant homes.

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It is said that Vastu invites prosperity and pleasure in homes. Even houses not built on Vastu principles can undergo a few changes to become 'Vastu-compliant'. Following certain Vastu tips for a home can do wonders for your house and create a generally positive environment.

Here are some of the best Vastu tips for home that will make your home a happy place oozing positivity.

  • Placement of furniture in the right direction
  • Correct direction of the prayer room
  • Correct direction of gas stove in the kitchen
  • Correct direction of toilet basins
  • Change inappropriate colours as per Vastu principles

Going back to our roots, many homeowners are looking to buy homes that are built in accordance with Vastu principles. Since it is believed that this science of architecture was developed by ancient seers and sages, people place a lot of value to it.

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Vastu-compliant homes have positive vibes, and they bring a sense of peace to the residents staying in them. It is said that such properties prove to be lucky for the buyers and help them grow and succeed in their personal and professional lives.

Vastu, or the science of architecture helps to ensure a perfectly balanced home, with positive energy flowing unabated. Following Vastu tips for positivity helps you create a happy and healthy space for you where you can grow, become successful, stay healthy, and enjoy happiness in life.

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