5 classy wall/floor colour schemes for your home

Feb 19, 2018  |  By SUPER USER

You’ll be amazed by what a vast difference the colour/theme of your walls and floors can make to the look and feel of your home.

Some colours are more homely and cozy, while some are more stark and ‘hotel-like’. Some create a visual expansion effect, while some can make the room look smaller. How your walls interact with and offset your floors is also of importance. There are countless combinations you can experiment with. These are 5 popular ones that would be sure to give your home a face-lift!

Classic Chocolate Caramel or Dusky Coffee walls with Wood finish flooring

If you live in a cold city and warm, cozy interiors are your thing, try out this absolutely delightful colour scheme, featuring walls in shades of either caramel, coffee or nut brown, a lighter, off-white ceiling to break the monotony, and a delightful wooden flooring. If real wood is too expensive for you, you can still get the look by opting for realistic wooden finish laminate flooring. Not recommended if you have pets because their nails are bound to scratch up the delicate surface of the flooring!

Get the Mediterranean look with clean white walls and cool stone flooring

If you’re living in a warm to hot climate, why not take a leaf out of Greek architecture and opt for fresh white walls and a cool stone floor that will cool you down instantly as you walk barefoot on it? Stone is also ridiculously easy to clean because you don’t need to worry about scratches and chips on the slabs - in a strange way it just often adds to the old world charm of the flooring!

Build a cozy den with dull brick walls, wooden flooring and distressed decor

A favourite with Artists and Studio owners, exposed brickwork walls may be genuine or faux - as in by using a brick finish wallpaper. If your tastes lean towards grunge or quirky, and you don’t believe in living by conventional norms, then this is a fabulous alternative to the usual coat of paint.

Brickwork - even distressed finish brickwork - gives an extremely warm and inviting look to a place and enhances the 'creative den' feel of a space immediately.

Aqua themed bedroom: Pale blue and Fresh white walls paired with stone flooring

Perhaps you live near the sea, or you're a fan of swimming, surfing or diving. Or maybe Water is your Element and the colour, smell and sound of water soothes and calms you. A fresh, aqua and white colour theme with no-fuss stone flooring or blue rugs will make any water lover's dreams come alive.

Go Vintage with delicate Pastel wallpapering paired with any light, warm toned flooring

Floral, pastel prints are pretty timeless. If you have a love for art, you’ll find plenty to choose from, from a whole range of hues and designs, ranging from ethnic to more contemporary. Vintage wallpapers look great if a lot of your furniture and décor is white or lighter in colour.

Prints tend to make rooms look smaller so be sure to select an absolutely light one unless your rooms are very large.

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