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Feb 27, 2018  |  By SUPER USER

Modular kitchens have transformed the way we think of the humble kitchen; glamming it up and making it a place where you don’t just cook, but also unwind and spend time with family. They provide an edge to the kitchen, and you can customise them any way you want depending on the specific aesthetic or functionality you desire.

As the name suggests, Modular kitchens are based on the concept of ‘modularity’, which means dividing into smaller parts. Modular kitchen sets include space saving modular furniture, cabinets, drawers, pullout trays, chimneys, hobs, storage systems and many other units that help drive multiple functionalities together.

These are the benefits of a modular kitchen:

1. Saves space

Modular kitchens are built around kitchen ergonomics and space constraints. They help you optimise the available space you have and pack in the maximum amount of functionality in a given area.

2. Saves Effort

Cooking is easier in a modular kitchen because everything, right from utensils to condiments are right at hand in well-defined drawers/cabinets. The sink and shopping area are also a part of the same unit, making cooking a faster exercise overall. And when you have completed your cooking for the day, you can wind up the mess within minutes.

3. Immaculate, Ultra-Modern Look

Your kitchen will look cleaner and neater with no random utensils, cups and jars on the table. The shelves and drawer systems create ample room for storage. The inbuilt gadgets like chimneys and ovens are of high quality, and the units look really slick.

4. Customizable designs

You can customise them any way you want depending on the specific colour, layout, aesthetic or functionality you desire.

All in all, Modular kitchens are a great bet for modern day apartments. There are houses that offer the inbuilt modular kitchen. Or you can even install one in an existing non-modular kitchen setup.

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