5 Dining Room Decor Ideas you will want to copy immediately!

Jul 13, 2018  |  By SUPER USER

It happens once in a while.

Sometimes, in the day, you’re sitting at the dining table, staring away at those old, jaded cushions and table mats, and suddenly you feel the need to switch things up a bit. Your brain starts firing on all cylinders, thinking of how efficiently you can maximize all the space and add luxury décor for the dining room, but by the end of it all, it stays the same as it has for so many years.

But now, it’s time to bring out the full potential of your dining room! With just a few simple steps, you can transform your dining room without spending much time and money on expensive renovations.

To inspire you to get started, we’ve created five décor ideas that will completely transform the look of your dining room.

1. Your table is the focal point of the interior design and possibly, also the biggest piece of furniture. Therefore when you’re choosing the dining set, you should keep in mind your apartment size: for instance, if you have a small dining space, it is best to choose a round shape table. Also adding a rug below the dining set will add a cosy vibe.

2. If you’re like many people who cannot start their day without a cup of hot coffee, add a little fun to your day by installing a coffee bar in your dining room. You could repurpose an old cabinet to hold the syrups and other treats and then fix floating shelves above it, giving you space to store your mugs and coffee tins. Not a coffee addict? Tea or hot cocoa bar is just as fun!

3. Dining rooms are the perfect place for a little drama! If your dining room has windows, bright and colourful curtains during the daytime will just make the room brighter. And for a lighting fixture, an appropriately sized chandelier, hung at least 12 inches above the dining table, will serve as the perfect centrepiece for the room.

4. Even the most furnished rooms look incomplete with bare walls. Give your room a little TLC and personalise it with these quirky décor ideas that show off your personality. You could paint the wall with chalkboard paint or hang up your grandmother's plates or even have a stencilled wall, which would be a great way to add a pop of style to your room.

5. Pick pieces that will work as everyday decorations but also double as your dinner party centrepiece. So as the holiday season approaches, keep candles lit and add pine cones, greenery and gold accent pieces to give you the festive feel that will last all winter long.

With these fine décor ideas, you can create a stunning modern dining room design where you would want to sit down and eat.

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