The Finer Aspects of Construction

January 09, 2023 in Home and Lifestyle

Artistic ImpressionThe Finer Aspects of Construction

Design, layout, interiors, and exteriors play the most crucial role in creating the most aesthetic homes. When the floor plan of a unit aligns with the master layout, the arrangement allows natural sunlight, ample green spaces and a blissful environment. However, if the proportion of the bedrooms vis-a-vis the living room or the kitchen is incorrect, even the most expensive apartments will not seem to provide value for money. Planned housing schemes such as Amogha by Adani Realty check all points to create a harmonious living space. Here is how you can look into the finer aspects of construction before buying your dream house.

How to check if a property is well-planned?

Below are a few handy tips for the uninitiated that can help you make the right choice when it comes to investing in a home: -


Proportionate Rooms Sizes


Bedrooms in a flat should ideally measure 10 X 10 feet. Similarly, the living room should ideally not be smaller than the master bedroom.


Accessibility and Entrance


Individual units should also have door sizes that at least allow furniture to come through. The entrance hallway should be lit optimally; it can be artistically decorated, and modernly designed. One could also incorporate wooden panels that allow light to enter.


Efficient Space Utilization


An open kitchen with a dining area works well with modest spaces. Decluttering your house, maximizing vertical space, using lighting to create a space illusion, and increasing floor space in your home are efficient ways to create space in your home.


Provision for Natural Light


Nothing makes a living space livelier and roomier than natural light. Windows should be placed in the south/southwest direction to get the maximum natural light into your home.


Fluid Layout Plan


A layout plan for a flat should allow seamless accessibility from one room to the other. Not having a fluid plan can enable walls to obstruct accessibility to rooms, which can turn into a highly inconvenient living situation. Moveable walls, changes in materiality, and transparent partitions can make for a fluid layout.


Basic Amenities in Place


The master layout should have ample space for parking, open playing areas for kids, and a community center. Ensure to check the distance of your unit from the elevator. Adani Realty plans all such elements minutely to provide you with all the amenities in a residential project that you need.


Roof Height Matters


With the ever-increasing cost of space in urban areas, a higher roof can enhance the spatial view of your house and make your house appear bigger. It can also lend an extra dimension to the interiors and allows extra light to come into the house.


Choice of Colours for Interior


Always go for neutral tones in the interiors. They deflect natural and artificial light making your living space look brighter, livelier, and roomier. They are also calming and foster creativity.


Width Over Length


Floor plans with width (wide areas) always make better and more accessible houses. Elongated floor plans will result in your connectivity being linear, causing your house to feel cramped for space and natural light.

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Balanced Floor Plans for Harmonious Livingh

A home is a coming together of several crucial elements and striking a balance between them makes the best homes. You must carefully evaluate your options based on informed choices about the unit’s floor plan, master layout, and amenities. If you are interested in a well-planned and nature-inspired home, you may consider Amogha by Adani Realty. If you are looking for 3 BHK flats in Ahmedabad under 90 lacs, Adani Shantigram in Ahmedabad is offering excellent projects. Call or drop us a mail at Adani Realty to find out more about our premium properties in Ahmedabad.

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