5 Reasons - Amenities in Residential Projects Are Becoming Game Changer

August 10, 2022 in Knowledge BaseProperty Guide

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Buying a house is a huge decision, especially if it is your first home. Many factors are taken into consideration, and the pros and cons of every option are explored and analysed before buying a home. Statistics show high growth in the Indian real estate market in the past few years, with the rise in demand for office and residential spaces. In 2021 alone, more than 2,32,000 units were sold in India's residential market. It is a 51% increase from last year.

Getting top amenities for a home is significant for buyers. In real estate, amenities such as a swimming pool, well-equipped club, indoor/outdoor fitness area, kids’ play area etc., attract prospective homebuyers. Let us understand how amenities help a potential homebuyer make a home buying decision.

Why do the amenities of a project attract the attention of potential home buyers?

Lately, home buyers are placing much value on factors that contribute to the leisure and comfort of the occupants and enhance the desirability of real estate. Thus, a strong correlation between the well-being of the residents and social infrastructure is observed. Let's look at why amenities in a project have become the deciding factor in a house purchase.

  • Escalating Stress Levels:

  • Growing stress levels, highly competitive professional life, and discomfort of commuting long distances for jobs have all resulted in people looking for comfortable living spaces. After a tiring and exhausting day, they consider their homes as a personal haven where they can relax, and experience happiness.

  • Community Identity:

  • Another plausible reason behind all the attention to amenities is the sense of community identity. People come together on holidays, festivals, or events and enjoy camaraderie while enjoying various facilities in a residential project. Thus, when buying a property, they look for top amenities for their home.

  • Redefining Comfort:

  • Besides the major cities of India, the Tier II cities are also experiencing fast-paced infrastructural development. Real estate projects in these cities are replete with amenities and modern conveniences that have redefined luxury and comfort. Quality construction and pristine living have become a value proposition for home buyers. After spending hours at the office, they can look forward to making the most of these amenities available in their society.

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  • Amenities For People Across All Ages:

  • The residential projects in India bring a mix of amenities that are perfect for people of all ages residing in the society. People can use the health club, swimming pool, sports arena, multipurpose halls for parties and cultural events for adults, gardens, play area, and kids' activity corner. Seniors can enjoy walking amid verdant, beautifully landscaped gardens. These amenities consider people of every age and ensure their utmost comfort. Many prominent residential projects such as Adani Realty focus on introducing amenities that enhance the quality of life of people residing in their luxury homes in India. Thus, these projects have a motley mix of leisure, entertainment, culture, sport, and community.

  • Fine Living:

  • Open spaces, a verdant expanse of land, gymnasium, health clubs, tennis courts, jogging track, amphitheatre, clubhouses, and shops are just a few amenities in almost all projects. For instance, Shantigram township by Adani Realty is peppered with amazing projects that define ‘Good Living' in its truest sense. With a splendid lake inside the township, the projects give residents a sense of peaceful living away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This gives them a chance to enjoy the finer things in life.


All these benefits have made amenities in a residential project in India a game-changer in the real estate sector. The amenities available in a property speak volumes about the value of the project. With the real estate sector growing at a fast pace and an upsurge in property buying, reputed builders such as Adani Realty are adding amenities that are on par with global standards to provide buyers with an excellent opportunity to enjoy fine living. So, explore Adani Realty projects when planning to buy a premium property.

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