6 Modern Day Appliances You Should Have in Your Kitchen

May 30, 2018 in Knowledge BaseHome and Lifestyle

Artistic Impression6 Modern Day Appliances You Should Have in Your Kitchen

Whoever said diamonds were a woman’s best friend clearly hadn’t thought about how intriguing technology could be! Gadgets today have become everyone’s ally. From traditional chulhas to modular kitchens, the face of kitchens has undergone tremendous change. Kitchens were always treated with a stepmotherly air because of the heat, mess, and noise that made them a bit of an unhappy necessity. It is only with the advent of technology and the introduction of user-friendly gadgets and appliances that cooking became an easier and more enjoyable activity. Kitchens today enjoy larger spaces and are often a swankily designed highlight of a home.  User-friendly appliances, gadgets, and plenty of gizmos, have all contributed to this wave of change.

Considering the changes that the kitchen has undergone in the past few decades, here’s a list of some nifty everyday cooking appliances that will overhaul the way you look at your time spent in the kitchen!


Food processor

The food processor is an elusively magical kitchen weapon. Right from chopping veggies exactly as per your needs to whipping some homemade mayonnaise, from churning cream into butter to kneading dough in real quick time, there is very little that this magical little appliance cannot do! So the next time you decide to buy a gadget for your kitchen, consider a food processor in case you haven’t bought one yet.



We all love our smoothies - creamy and luscious, our cake batter smooth and lump-free, and our soups –  thick and creamy. And everyone who owns a blender will swear by how aptly this appliance can churn out a mean smoothie or milkshake. A lot of blenders now come with easy-to-pour reservoirs, while others are made such that you can drink the liquid directly from the blending jar. In case you were wondering how blenders are different from food processors; food processors are great with handling solid foods and blenders work magically with liquids.


Coffee maker

The smell of freshly brewed coffee is irresistible to almost everyone. And for coffee fanatics who find it difficult to come out of bed without their morning cuppa Java, the coffee maker comes as a great relief. And if you thought a coffee machine could do little than just making your morning cappuccino, you’d be surprised by the different possibilities of using this piece of wonder. Boil eggs, sausages, whirl up some chocolate fondue, or boil some veggies for your brunch. All in all, a fabulous investment at very little cost!



Gone are the days of choking over stoves or fretting over burnt stains on your utensils. Induction cooktops are every bachelor/minimalist’s best friend. Induction Stoves use electromagnetic technology to heat pots and pans, and they usually do a faster job of it too. The only hitch here is you can only use flat-bottomed stainless steel or aluminum cookware on an induction stove.



Move over exhaust fans, the electric chimney is here! Get rid of food odour and enjoy cooking your wholesome tadka meals without suffering from watery eyes. Apart from their primary quality of absorbing cooking smoke, chimneys also make your kitchens look sleek and elegant.


Roti maker

Rotis are an integral part of the Indian staple diet. However tedious the process of making rotis, we simply cannot do without them. However, Roti making takes some practice and ofcourse – clipped nails if you want to do it hygienically! So a lot of women find it a painful process. Well...worry no more! The roti maker is here. Right from mixing the flour and kneading the dough, to producing the fluffiest, round rotis, this ingenious little maker takes charge of the entire process.

If you’ve been pondering over redoing your kitchen, make sure to include these appliances to make cooking a more enjoyable and convenient process.

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