Behold, the Majestic Villa!

October 06, 2023 in Home and Lifestyle

Artistic ImpressionBehold, the Majestic Villa!

With the frenzy surrounding the city life, it has become hard to find homes that give you the freedom of enjoying a peaceful yet luxurious life. The concept of Independent Housing (Villas), which is quite popular in the U.S. and Europe, is slowly gaining prominence in India. While metro cities struggle to accommodate the ever-growing population, smaller cities have the privilege of providing larger spaces to build ostentatious homes! Seen as one of the best investment options today, these palatial homes are the ultimate form of self-indulgence today. More and more people are opting to live in standalone homes (villas) and make a statement about their arrival in life.

Villas score over Apartments in many ways


Away from the hectic pace of big city life

The humdrum of city life often leaves us searching for a place that offers peace and serenity; a place where we can enjoy the smallest of things and revel in the little pleasures of life. Like waking up to the sounds of a dozen different kinds of birds. Or sitting for hours on your porch, sipping tea and reading and listening to your favourite music. Or hosting an evening barbeque for family and friends. The dream is to live a peaceful life away from the chaos. Only a villa can give you this degree of luxury.


Better lifestyle

Villas are usually located in closed, friendly neighbourhoods and peaceful surroundings. The abundant greenery, the kiss of nature’s purity and the calming environment provide for a modest and relaxed life.


Personalized Comfort and luxury

Villas are usually very spacious, equipped with modern amenities, and furnished with elegant and contemporary decor. The rooms are dramatically large and opulent, and a lot of furniture and accessories can be accommodated. Modular kitchens take over conventional kitchen spaces. Access to facilities like spas, gymnasiums, swimming pools, and clubhouses is almost always assured. The large spaces make all kinds of modifications possible. From having a personal gym in your room, to planning a swimming pool that rests within the boundaries of your home; the possibilities of personalizing every corner of your home are endless.


Your second home

While there are people who love the frenetic pace of city life, there are a large majority who dream of nothing more, than to live a more comfortable and relaxed life. And who wouldn't like to break away from the mundane? For people like this, villas are the ideal vacation homes. Usually built away from the heart of the city, they provide the perfect escape, to both families and stressed out professionals alike.


Good appreciation value

Villas are modelled to define ultra-luxury living. They hold high market value, and that is why their prices almost never go down. They are a great investment option, as their prices remain more or less unaffected even when the market is slug. 

Independent housing/Villa living, is popular in cities like Pune, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Bangalore etc, that let you enjoy an easy-going lifestyle by virtue of the larger spaces available for relatively cheaper. A lot of developers are moving towards marking their presence in these cities that let them play with expansive spaces. Property developers like Adani Realty offer the best-in-class villa designs, designed along the lines of best-in-class properties worldwide. The North Park Villas are one such example. Equipped with world class amenities, and picturesque location and the serenity that engulf it, the North Park Villas are truly an experience to behold.

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