Decluttering is now Child's Play

May 04, 2018  |  By SUPER USER

“Clean up that room quick! How can you be so messy!” is every parent’s war cry, as they wade through mounds of toys, clothes and clutter in their child’s bedroom! With things scattered all over the floors, wrappers and waste lying around, and clothes strewn everywhere, most kids' rooms end up looking like a dump yard by the end of the day! A quick clean-up session of shoving everything under the bed works in dire times, but it’s important to keep your child’s room free of clutter on regular basis. Although it’s important to discipline your child to keep the room clean, constantly asking them to clean up the mess will only kill the fun out of their lives! Here are a few things you can do to keep your child’s room clean and neat, in the easiest and quickest way possible.

1. Get rid of things they haven’t used in over a year

Kids love hoarding toys. And who knows it better than the parents who often end up walking over these delicate pieces every now and then. But the most important thing to cleaning a room is to purge everything that isn’t required. Birthdays are one occasion when kids receive a lot of gifts. Adding new stuff to the old will just lead to accumulation of things that would lie around, unused. A couple of days after such occasion sit with your child and ask them what isn’t required. Get rid of broken toys, toys that haven’t been used for a long time or the ones that your child is too old to play with. 

2. Easy-to- access storage solutions

No space is too much for toys. If you are struggling with lack of space, look no further than under your kid’s bed! You can pile them in a bin that has wheels, or one with handles. This makes the toys easily accessible to the child without disrupting the room’s neatness and orderliness.

3. A quick clean before bed every night

It’s imperative to make cleanliness an everyday ritual than making it a once-in-a-while affair. Habituate your children to clean their room before going to sleep.

Teach them to put their toys, school books/papers in place, hang or fold clothes and keep them in the wardrobe. This saves them the pain of having to spend an entire day cleaning the room. 

4. Encourage them to donate their old things to the less fortunate

When you go in for a purging session, let your kids know that they can opt to give away their old and unwanted toys, to the less fortunate. Take them along, if they agree, to an orphanage. This way you are teaching them to be kind and giving, while at the same time, ensuring a neater home.

5. Lure them with rewards

Schedule the spring-cleaning session for a point when you can do it along with your kids. Time the session, and encourage them with rewards. It could be as simple as cooking them a favourite meal or treating them to a movie. This not only acts as a great bonding exercise, but also goes a long way in disciplining the child.

These are a few of the innumerable ways to quickly tidy your kids’ room without making it a boring task.

How do you choose to clean your children’s room? We’d love to hear about your tips and tricks.

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