How to Adorn your Home on a Budget - Part 1

June 20, 2024 in Home and Lifestyle

Artistic ImpressionHow to Adorn your Home on a Budget - Part 1

Our homes are extensions of our personality. And we all love to spruce up our dens once in a while. However, the renovation dream that lies in front of us comes with a budget that promises to burn big holes in our pockets. However, it still does not promise to live up to our expectations!

Wouldn't it just be great if we could give our house a spic new look without having to spend a fortune? Well, it ain't that difficult! You could give your house a quick makeover without having to shell out a substantial amount! Here are a few tips to keep in mind when redoing your home -


De-clutter and reorganize

A greatly simple way to give your house a quick new look is to de-clutter and re-organize it. Do away with paintings, old pieces of art, broken artifacts that once graced your homes. Re-arrange the placement of your sofa or your dining table and you’ll see how different your home looks. If you have a personal deck in your home, you could have a pair of coffee chairs on the balcony where you can sit and enjoy your evening tea or spend your evenings chatting up with your friends.


Make way for some good amount of light

The right amount of light has a lot to do with one’s mood. Lots of light during the day and soft and dim light during the night are just the perfect mood enhancers. Make sure to clean the windows at regular intervals, open the curtains and let sufficient light in. Good amount of sunlight is also said to attract positive energies if Vastu Shastra is to be believed. If your home is surrounded by greenery, overlooks a beautiful lake or is simply adorned by a scenic sight, you could consider having large windows to enjoy the view.


Add some greenery

Instantly deck up your home with pot plants that not only glorify your home but also assure pure and cleaner air for you to breathe. You could choose colorful metal pots over the regular mundane mud ones. Colored pots will help add an extra dash of color to your room apart from giving it a lift. Moreover, who doesn’t like being welcomed by the soothing fragrance and the mesmerizing sight of fresh flowers?


Give your home a theme revamp

Think through an appealing theme for your home that will please your eye. If you are living in a lakeside apartment, you could give your walls a blue shade with similar shade furniture to match the placid lake that fences your apartment. Similarly, if you own a villa, which of course has ample space, you could choose antique pieces of art and sculptures to embellish your home. For homes that overlook huge sports fields or playgrounds, the kid's room could be festooned with a sports theme. The walls could be given a chalkboard finish to make it look like an ever-changing scoreboard. A small bedside lamp supported by a hockey stick would make for a lovely lampshade while a cricket themed rug would complete the look.

No matter how luxurious or simple your apartment is, you can always stay updated with more home adorning tips and tricks in our next blog.

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