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May 07, 2018  |  By SUPER USER

Depending on the construction and direction of your home, your house may be subjected to either too much or too light light. This can get extremely depressing as everyone loves to be able to see the morning sunlight or the last glowing embers of dusk from their home. Conversely, being subjected to too much direct sunlight is also annoying and makes it difficult to keep the house cool in summer, or be able to view TV because of the glare.

But as with most problems, this too has some smart solutions! Read on to find out more:

Brightening up a Dark Home

1. Unusual Lamps: Use a combination of floor lamps to create drama in cozy nooks and corners near seating spaces, wall-mounted lamps to brighten up entire wall segments, and table-lamps to illuminate artifacts on specific side-tables.

2. Lighter Coloured Floors and Walls: Paint your walls white or a similarly light reflecting light, pastel shade. Avoid dark or vibrant colours. Also avoid patterned wallpapers.

3. Hang large Mirrors on the walls opposite your windows. They will reflect light and bounce it beautifully around the room, and also give the illusion of double the space.

4. Add Skylight Windows: If it’s a house and not a building, you can afford to carve into the ceiling and create skylight windows in certain darker portions of your home.

5. Extending your windows: If you own the property, consider extending your windows into the wall on either side to allow more light and air to enter. While his may be a more expensive solution, it is also a permanent one.

6. Don’t crowd your home with too much furniture or too many artifacts, as they will cut down on the feeling of space.

How to make over-lit homes more comfortable

1. Bamboo chick Blinds for light control: Bamboo blinds will never go out of style. There is something about the old world, vintage charm of these blinds that brings a smile to the face. Bamboo chick blinds are a basic form of sun control window blinds. They work great in verandahs and outhouses.

2. Diaphanous Curtains for light diffusion: You can also use diaphanous curtains to soften and diffuse direct sunlight and give the room and beautiful, whimsical feel. A lot of people use old saris as diaphanous curtains. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also colour the light according to their own colour, and of course, you get some use out of them rather than leaving them to get moth-eaten.

3. Light blocking Curtains for total light cancellation: A lot of people prefer having light cancelling curtains in the room that houses their television, computer, or where their baby or aged parent sleeps. A lot of brands offer curtains made of materials that block out almost all the light and heat, and keep the room dark and cool, especially in summer.

4. Use darker shades on your walls and floors. These will absorb light and balance out the total light level in the room.

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