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May 12, 2018  |  By SUPER USER

A typical nine to five job can get extremely exhausting, and mundane; especially when you have other commitments. For those who find it difficult to dedicate long hours of their days to a full time job, a 9 to 5 setup can get almost impossible to manage.

Due to rents of commercial spaces going skyrocketing, need for increased manpower, and in a bid to save infrastructure cost, the concept of work from home is winning favour around the globe. Moreover, it also saves travelling time and cost for the employees. An increasing number of people are opting for jobs that offer them the privilege of working, sitting on their sofas whilst coordinating via numerous video conferencing apps. While traditional work desks still rule the roost, the culture of working from home is fast gaining prominence. A lot of companies also offer the option of working from home two out of five days a week, to their employees. If this growing trend has managed to catch your attention too, here’s something you need to know if you plan on opening a startup from home or opt for jobs that offer the flexibility of work from home:

1. Converting your home into an office

A lagging Internet speed is a big liability. Make sure you have an undisturbed fast speed Internet connection so that referencing, downloading or uploading large data files, or getting in touch with your colleagues over video-conferences is easier.

It’s vital to keep a separate, dedicated working desk; and if possible a small room that would serve as a makeshift cabin, in case you are holding meetings at home. Having a devoted desk/cabin will help you stack all your work material without the fear of losing it in the house and not seeing it again.

2. Working undisturbed

When you plan to work from home, it is even more important to stay focused and disciplined and to dedicate specific working hours to your work. Ensure that there is no disturbance whatsoever from anyone around. Your folks need to be informed that you wouldn’t be available through particular hours of the day. They need to blind themselves to your presence, leaving you undisturbed. It is important to have self-control in order to control your home life from encroaching into your professional time, and vice versa.

3. Stick to a schedule

 Ensure that laziness and procrastination do not take over when you are working from home. Stick to a schedule as much as possible and set everyday targets – just like you would when at a regular office job, and make sure you achieve them.

4. Independent contact details

Treat your home just like you would an external office space. Have a separate telephone line so that you are reachable at any given point of time and your phone lines aren’t busy on personal calls through the day. It would come across as totally unprofessional for your clients to be calling you and hearing your grandmother calling out for you on the other end!  

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