Different Type of Houses in India

October 27, 2023 in Property Guide

Different Type of Houses in India

In the diverse tapestry of India, homes serve the purpose of being more than a dwelling, for it is often a reflection of lifestyle and culture. From the vibrant streets of Mumbai to the fascinating backwaters of Kerala, the beauty of Indian houses is impeccable. From the tall skyscrapers of cities to kutcha houses in villages, the types of houses in India have always had a different meaning in India.

Each part of India boasts different types of houses, eventually leading to diversity across the nation. Thus, India is one of those lands where culture, tradition and climate come together to shape a house. In return, the house's very essence shapes us, which the residents eventually call "home.'

In this guide, let's explore some of the most beautiful and unique types of houses in India.

Most Popular Types of Indian Houses

When it comes to choosing a place to live, there are various types of houses in India that you can select as your dwelling. The best part is there is always a type to the needs of different people. Each of these types of houses in India has its perks and drawbacks.

Some of the most popular types of Indian houses are as follows:

Flat or Apartment

Flats or apartments are undoubtedly among the most popular types of houses in Indian cities. With the growing scarcity of land in cities, flats or apartments can be the perfect solution for urban living. These flats or apartments often boast all the necessary facilities for a comfortable living.

The number of rooms in a flat or apartment can vary, from being as small as 1 BHK (bedroom-hall-kitchen) to as big as 5 BHK. Various builders and developers also provide additional amenities for homebuyers. These high-rise flats and apartments are often seen as one of the best real estate investments in India. As the urban city population grows, the rental yields from these flats and apartments can be really good.


Something similar to the flats and apartments, the condominiums are popular residential units in India. A condominium will have different residential units varying in layout and even size.

Living in a condo would mean sharing the additional amenities on the premises with the other residents. Moreover, you wouldn't have to worry about the maintenance of the condos since the homeowner’s association (HOA) would usually take care of it. If you want the security of gated properties and the benefits of homeownership, condos can be the perfect choice for you.

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If you are searching for a luxurious dwelling in urban heartlands, you will be delighted to find penthouses. These types of houses in India are often situated on the top of a high-rise building. A penthouse reflects grandeur and luxury, which is often not seen in an apartment.

Penthouses in India are generally more significant than an apartment. Moreover, the features of a penthouse are also better than apartments, like natural light, ventilation and beautiful view of the surroundings. Therefore, owing to all these benefits, penthouses are slightly more expensive than apartments. Whether you're choosing to rent or buying, these penthouses can cope with your luxurious living.


Another popular type of house in India is the townhouse, which usually shares walls with the neighbouring houses. Townhouses are often available in gated societies and have a small private back or front yard. These townhouses have a very strategic design to protect the residents' privacy.

Townhouses are built in multiple layers, and the lower ones usually feature a living room and kitchen, whereas the bedrooms are on top. They are often considered the perfect blend of penthouses and flats. This is because they have the luxuries of a penthouse (spacious) and the affordability of apartments. The popularity of vertical and premium townhouses is gaining momentum in the country with each passing day.


Farmhouses are often found in an agricultural setting, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. These feature a well-designed barn or a well-landscaped garden. Farmhouses often serve the purpose of a holiday or vacation home for people in cities.

Many families prefer having a farmhouse for their vacation because it allows them space for gardening and agriculture. These exclusive residential spaces can often be found in the lap of nature. Farmhouses are very common in Mumbai and Delhi.


Villas are the luxurious dwellings for people in the big Indian cities. Often boasting of being equipped with necessary amenities, villas usually feature spacious backyards and lawns.

Usually, these villas are present in gated societies with various amenities. While most of these villas have similar amenities like swimming pools and lawns, some of them may have extra ones. The villa owners often share additional amenities like playhouses and theatres.

Beach Houses

The concept of beach houses in India has become popular only recently. These are more of the type of vacation homes where people go during the holidays. The beach houses in India often provide a serene and calm environment as they are located close to the water. While offering a beautiful ocean view, the beach houses usually blend in with nature.

The beach houses in India are strategically located and designed with balconies and rooms facing the ocean. As a result, it lets the cool breeze from the sea enter the home and freshen up the entire environment. The beach houses in India usually feature a relaxed and calm environment. They are made of nature-inspired materials, have very light colours, and have airy rooms. Use a beach house as a vacation home or permanent residence, they will always offer a calm and rejuvenating environment.


Gradually, the trend of duplex houses in India is growing. One of India's most prominent real estate types, the duplex houses usually have two properties attached in one. You'd be responsible for maintaining both housing units when you get a duplex house.

Duplexes are slightly more expensive than flats or apartments because they have two units. Still, people prefer it as it offers an ample space setting and privacy. Duplex properties can be great real estate investments in India, providing a higher resale value and a higher rental yield.

Kutcha Houses

Kutcha houses are usually found in India's rural areas. These kutcha houses are generally made of mud, grass, and even bricks. They are environmental-friendly houses that are extremely beautiful. Many villages have two-storey kutcha houses.

With urbanization, most people consider these kutcha houses as makeshift properties.

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Many options exist if you are considering buying a home in India. You can choose from the different types of homes available based on your budget, location, and preferences.

With the changing real estate trends, the different types of houses in India are evolving, too. People in cities are now moving towards buying already-built properties because of their convenience. If you're purchasing such properties, it is advisable to do so from genuine developers.

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