Reasons - Why you should choose Amogha by Adani Realty for Your Dream Home!

February 13, 2023 in Property Guide

Artistic ImpressionReasons - Why you should choose Amogha by Adani Realty for Your Dream Home!

The trend of owning apartments is quickly picking up in Ahmedabad, and to fulfil such dreams, Adani Realty is offering stylish 3 BHK apartments at Amogha. People in the city now prefer the security, safety, and convenience available in an apartment complex. But it is vital to ensure that your apartment complex offers all the necessities required to lead a comfortable lifestyle. This is where the nature-inspired apartments – Amogha by Adani Realty – match your needs.

Flats at Amogha by Adani Realty in Ahmedabad is a part of Shantigram, an integrated township spread over approximately 600 acres. The project is still under construction and is expected to be completed by 2024.  

Adani Realty is the real estate branch of Adani Group. The Amogha Apartments is a flagship project from Adani Realty offering super-spacious and nature-inspired 3 BHK apartments in Ahmedabad for sale. The systematic floor plan, fantastic location, and brilliant construction standards of flats in Amogha have captured the attention of buyers and investors alike. Read on to learn more about the essential aspects of Amogha by Adani Realty and why it could be the destination for your dream home.

Amogha: Location and Advantages

Amogha by Adani Realty is strategically located in Shantigram, Ahmedabad. Adani Shantigram is developing into a premium residential area and is emerging as the first preference of people looking for residential properties in Ahmedabad. It enjoys excellent connectivity and impressive infrastructure, making it the first preference for investors and home-buyers in Ahmedabad. The township provides a sustainable, luxurious, and convenient lifestyle for all age groups, making it a highly preferred location for families.

Several well-reputed hospitals and educational institutions are conveniently located near these 3 BHK apartments at Amogha, in Ahmedabad. There is no need to travel for long durations to get a health check-up or visit a hospital in an emergency. Several reputed educational institutions are also located within a 5 km radius of Amogha.  

Along with these amenities, this locality has good connectivity to the main city. The roads are in excellent condition, and travelling from one place to another is a seamless experience. The easy availability of various transportation options further enhances the popularity of these 3 BHK apartments in Ahmedabad. In addition, there are numerous shopping plazas and malls located near Amogha. One of the shopping plazas is located within walking distance of the apartments, making it convenient for the residents to purchase items for their daily needs.

When it comes to frequent travellers purchasing a home, Amogha by Adani Realty is again a great option. Ahmedabad International Airport is around 19 km, and the Gandhinagar Railway Station is around 16 km from Amogha. This will make it easier and more convenient for the residents of Amogha to travel within India and even to overseas destinations.

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Facilities Available at Amogha

There are numerous facilities inside Amogha for the residents to enjoy. Although the apartments are still under construction, the brochure highlights all the facilities that will be available for residents. These facilities are already under construction and will be completed before the 3 BHK apartments are offered for possession by Adani Realty. You can download the brochure from the Adani Realty website and get a first-hand perspective of all the facilities available at Amogha, such as:


A spacious gymnasium is proposed to be constructed within the premises of Amogha. The gym is an essential part of any residential complex. Moreover, residents find it convenient to visit a gym in their society itself, facilitating a healthy lifestyle.

Swimming Pool

An impressive swimming pool inside the Amogha premises is also planned. Residents will be free to use it according to their convenience. They can also relax along the poolside to soak-in nature's scenic views and serenity.



A spacious clubhouse is also being planned within the premises of Amogha. Clubs are an ideal place to lead an active social life and make new acquaintances. Residents can visit the club at their convenience and enjoy their leisurely evenings with friends and family.

Play Area

Playing areas are an important part of any society complex. Therefore, a spacious and safe play area is also included within the premises of Amogha for the kids to play without any worries. The playground will be equipped with various swings and rides suitable for children of different age groups.

Multi-purpose Hall

A multi-purpose hall is also included inside the premises of Amogha. A multi-purpose hall is a great option for hosting private events and large gatherings inside the society premises.


A quiet and beautiful walkway is also a part of Amogha’s plan. This will allow the residents to enjoy relaxing and refreshing walks amidst beautifully landscaped green areas, without having to worry about running into traffic.

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Amogha in Ahmedabad is emerging as one of the preferred destinations for investors and home buyers. The project is expected to be completed in 2024, and the bookings for these aesthetically designed, 3 BHK apartments, have already started. These 3 BHK apartments are very spacious and perfect for an active family's lifestyle. There are 8 towers with 14 floors each, resulting in a total of 448 units. The project's total area is spread over 600 acres with ample green cover to render an eco-friendly environment. Amogha by Adani Realty offers comfortable and upgraded living for a close-knit community of like-minded people. To know more regarding Amogha, visit the official website of Adani Realty. They have many other options for you to explore and select from.

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