Western Heights, Mumbai: A Dream Destination For Residential Investments

May 31, 2018 in Project

Artistic ImpressionWestern Heights, Mumbai: A Dream Destination For Residential Investments

Western Heights: A homeowner’s dream come true

Mumbai is a land of opportunities and dreams. An increasing number of people from across the country come to this city every year. This growing influx has resulted in a rising demand for new residential developments. Among the city’s buzzing neighbourhoods lies Andheri, a real game-changer on the residential front. It boasts of an exciting mix of social and commercial developments that are supported by excellent infrastructure and great connectivity.

Western Heights is a luxurious residential development in Andheri West, which comes from one of the best real estate developers in Mumbai –Adani Realty, a dream project offering some of the best experiences and amenities. “We had few criteria before buying a house – reputed builder, location, connectivity, amenities and surrounding conveniences. The day I visited this building, all my checkboxes got ticked off. I called my wife and said that we had found our dream home”, said Kamaljeet Singh, one of the proud residents of Western Heights.

One of the most attractive features of Western Heights is its strategic location. “Adani’s location is the best. Most of our travel involves using the Metro, so the placement is perfect”, said Garima Sharma, another Western Heights resident. “The location is very prime. It is bang on the road, so we don’t need to take any narrow lanes. It serves all our purposes well”, added Veena Arya. For many homebuyers, the connectivity to the city due to its unique location has substantially contributed to the decision of buying a dream home here.

Another feature that sets this property apart is its well-planned, distinct structure.“We were very particular about the structure of the house and the placement of the rooms, so everything fits perfectly with this property. Additionally, the overall structure of the building is well executed”, said Garima Sharma. “I’m happy with everything about this property – the area, quality, cleanliness, facilities are all up to the mark. It’s safe and peaceful”, said another resident, Sanjay Desai.

“This is an efficient building. There’s a gym, swimming pool, good parking, walking track and so much more. We don’t have to go looking around; it’s all right here in this one building. There is a great deal of comfort in living in a gated community”, said Veena Arya. Western Heights acts as a perfect setting to bond and mingle with like-minded people. “A good life has to do with the time you get to spend with your family and friends. People living here are also amazing. The various amenities make it easy to socialize with people and spend more quality time”, added Garima Sharma.

Western Heights which has now received the Occupancy Certificate, by Adani Realty in Mumbai has been among the most awaited upcoming projects in Mumbai. Western Heights offers to its residents a luxurious living experience that is worth their investment, as they would be spending their life here. They provide meticulously planned 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats in Andheri West along with apartments in 2.5, 3.5 and 4 BHK specifications that are also contemporarily designed with umpteen space and a private residential rooftop lounge- The Vibe. So get set to scale the heights of living with Mumbai’s most self-sufficient and enduring residential property!

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