What is Penthouse? - Advantages & Disadvantages of Buying a Penthouses in India!

March 26, 2024 in Property Guide

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Are you planning to buy a penthouse in India? Are you looking for that perfect luxurious and world-class living space?

Well, buying a penthouse entails a good deal of consideration, as a sizeable financial investment is involved. As a result, there are many factors one should take into account before investing in a penthouse. Here’s a simple guide to buying a penthouse in India:

What is a Penthouse Apartment?

When you hear the word ‘Penthouse’, descriptors such as spacious rooms, panoramic views of the city, metropolitan skylines, and luxurious living spaces come to mind. The elevation at which the penthouse is located completely silences the hustle and bustle of the city, offering exceptional levels of peace and calm. Penthouses in India offer palatial rooms with efficient layouts, exceptional levels of peace, and high returns on investment. Most penthouses have access to an upper and a lower level with a terrace and/or an outdoor seating area.

Difference Between a Penthouse and an Apartment

  • Luxury

  • When you mention the word penthouse, it conjures up images of sophistication and elegance. Even the location of a penthouse is quite distinct. These living spaces are usually larger than normal apartments and are more spacious, luxurious, grand, and elegant, and most penthouses have an upper and lower level. Residents also enjoy easy access to amenities and facilities of the complex.

  • Amenities

  • A penthouse's design, its layout, and the exquisite amenities offered, often distinguishes it from conventional apartments. Buildings typically have a separate entrance or an elevator to the penthouse door. Vaulted ceilings are a frequent design feature in these homes, making them appear larger than they are. Increased security is often a distinguishing feature that makes penthouses stand apart from normal apartments.

Demand for Penthouse Apartments in India

Investing in real estate, especially a residential property like a spacious penthouse, is a huge decision. The demand for penthouses in India has constantly been on the rise due to a shift in mindset and an increase in the earning potential of the urban population. People in search of luxury and tranquillity find the Adani penthouse apartments extremely appealing. If you are looking for a penthouse in Ahmedabad or Gurgaon, then you are at the right place, as Adani Realty offers some of the most luxurious penthouses.

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Characteristics of a Penthouse Apartment

Features of a luxury penthouse include larger square footage than regular apartments, incredible city views, outdoor space, expanded balconies, better facilities and fixtures, and specialty lighting. They may have two or more storeys if the other units are single-storied. There are fewer load-bearing walls in penthouses, which provides a more customised internal layout. In addition to several other benefits, purchasing a penthouse in India is not only a financial investment but also a symbol of luxury.

Advantages of Buying a Penthouse

  • Breath-taking views

  • Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of purchasing a penthouse is the spectacular views it offers. Most penthouses have floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the living space, which offer some of the best views of the city.

  • Great investment

  • The exclusivity of a penthouse is undoubtedly the most significant benefit that would interest any buyer, making it a good investment opportunity.

  • Privacy

  • The privacy that you can experience in a penthouse is akin to none other. Additionally, these luxurious homes have separate entrances, and the top floor has fewer apartments due to their exceptional size.

Disadvantages of Buying a Penthouse

Although penthouses are luxurious living spaces, they come with few, minor limitations:

  • Premium prices

  • As penthouses are exclusive and luxurious, they are usually priced higher than single-storeyed apartments. Pricing is also dependent on factors such as the city they are located in and the real estate market trends.

  • Higher maintenance cost

  • Penthouses also tend to need higher maintenance costs. Residents may have to pay additional maintenance charges to the building society. As penthouses are more spacious and have an indoor and outdoor area, there are added costs of cleanliness, upkeep of the landscape, changing of the fixtures, etc.

  • Extensive elevator rides

  • Beautiful views come at a cost of relatively longer elevator rides and a fair bit of climbing due to the staircase situated within the apartment, which could possibly be a hassle if you're in a hurry.

Vastu Tips for Penthouse Construction in India

Vastu guidelines suggest that the East and North corners of the penthouse must be spacious while the elevation should be higher on the South and West sides. It is advised to plant a garden in the northeast corner of your house to boost positive vibrations. You must also ensure that the residence is not constructed in the north or the east direction.

Adani Realty offers luxurious 4 and 5 BHK penthouses in Ahmedabad and Gurgaon that are designed to meet your needs and provide maximum comfort. Book a penthouse with Adani today!


Penthouses offer space, luxury, and excellent views, helping you elevate your lifestyle. Adani's Oyster Grande Luxury Apartments in Gurgaon is a breath-taking project spread across 19 acres. There are 20+ amenities, including a fully-equipped gym, a multipurpose hall, and a children's play area. Adani Realty provides magnificent lake-facing 4 BHK and 5 BHK penthouses that are sure to wow you. Adani's Water Lily Apartments & Penthouses in Ahmedabad offer spacious rooms and well-designed common and living areas.

Adani's Shivalik Green View in Ahmedabad also offers a luxurious living experience through their 3 BHK + WFH apartments & 4 BHK + WFH Penthouses.

Come and enjoy the splendour of these residential complexes, featuring a perfect balance between luxury and well-being at Adani Realty!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a penthouse?

  2. - A penthouse is a luxury apartment, generally located on the top floor or floors of an apartment complex. It generally comes with its own special amenities and facilities.

  3. Is there more than one level in a penthouse?

  4. - Most penthouses have access to an upper and a lower level with a terrace or an outdoor seating area.

  5. What are the benefits of buying a penthouse in India?

  6. - Penthouses provide spacious rooms with efficient layouts, a serene ambience, and high investment returns.

  7. Is investing in a penthouse in India a wise choice?

  8. - Investing in real estate, especially a residential property like a penthouse, is wise as it offers substantial investment returns. However, most people use penthouses as a medium to elevate their lifestyle.

  9. What are the most commercially viable options for buying a penthouse in India?

  10. - Some of the best options for purchasing a penthouse are Oyster Grande Luxury Apartments in Gurugram and Shivalik Green View in Ahmedabad by Adani Realty. These penthouses are designed to provide a luxurious and peaceful living experience to its residents.

  11. Do penthouses in India also need to be registered with RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority)?

  12. - Yes, all the real estate projects, including penthouses, need to be registered with RERA.

  13. Are penthouses a good option for work from home?

  14. - Yes, penthouses are considered one of the best options for work from home, as they offer ample space to let personal and professional lives co-exist in harmony. Adani Realty’s Shivalik Green View offers luxurious 4 BHK + WFH Penthouses.

  15. What are the challenges that people looking to buy a penthouse may face?

  16. - Penthouses generally cost more than normal apartments. Since penthouses come with more space than other residential properties, their maintenance costs tend to be slightly higher.

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